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Warren, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Lincoln County; as of 1860 in Knox County

Warren, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Lincoln County; as of 1860 in Knox County.

See two lists of the names of heads of households farther below.  Why two lists?  In the midst of the St. George enumeration is a half page with Warren written along the margin. Whether the Enumerator meant to write St. George, instead of Warren, I don't know.  But just to be sure, I'm adding those names in a separate list on this page and on the page for St. George.

Boundary changes since 1820: land set off to Thomaston in 1864 and to Camden in 1836

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Warren in the 1820 Census: 1826 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Thurston Whiting

The enumeration of Warren appears on Sheets 248-252; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

This particular enumerator's handwriting, his use of abbreviations and the smears on his sheets have made indexing his enumerations particularly difficult.  Please look over the total list to be sure you haven't missed the person you're seeking.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

List 1 - Main List
Heads of Households; Sheet Numbers
? ? - smeared248
? ? - smeared - surname ends in "son"249
? ? - smeared249
? ? - smeared - possibly Williams250
Lydia ? - possibly Lydia Alford250
Nancy (Black or Bluch) - not sure of surname252
Lydia ? - possibly Lydia Alford250
Archibald Anderson249
Archibald Anderson, Jr.249
Hugh Anderson251
James Anderson249
James Anderson, Jr.249
Samuel Anderson249
George Andrews252
James Andrews251
Lemuel Andrews251
Seth Andrews251
? Benson - possibly Jeremiah Benson or Jonathan Benson249
Nancy (Black or Bluch) - not sure of surname252
Willing Blake250
Ephraim Bogues250
John Bogues251
Joseph Bogues248
Oliver Bogues251
Robert Bogues250
Susan Bogues250
Jonas Bosworth - not sure of given name252
Henry Bourkett250
Benjamin Brackett249
Joshua Brackett249
Isaac Brakeley252
Alexander Brassells249
Robert Brown249
Nathan Buckland248
Nathan Buckland, Jr.248
Heppen Burgess249
John Burton252
Edmund Buxton248
Joseph Calef250
Nathaniel Carrol - not sure of given name252
James Chaples248
Miles Cobb249
Nathaniel Cobb251
Roland Cobb251
Parker Coburn251
Matthias Conery or Comry251
Amos Copeland - not sure of given name248
Charles Copeland251
David Copeland252
James Copeland248
John Copeland248
Joseph Copeland252
Joseph Copeland, Jr.252
Oliver Copeland250
Rufus B. Copeland249
John Counce249
Samuel Counce252
James Cox250
Calvin Crane248
Luther Crane251
Moses Crane250
Rufus Crane250
Samuel Crane251
William Crane250
Archibald Crawford251
James Crawford251
James Crawford, Jr.249
Lawrence Crawford249
Niven Crawford249
James Creighton250
John Creighton248
Alden Crouch249
Matthew Daggett249
Aaron Davis250
Israel Davis250
Jacob P. Davis250
Sall Davis252
Samuel Davis249
David Dickey249
William Dickey249
Asa Dunbar251
Daniel Dunbar251
Cyrus Eaton251
Abner Farrington250
James Fisher251
Samuel French248
William French248
Isaac Fuller251
James Fuller252
Jonathan Fuller249
Peter Fuller251
John M. Gates249
Betsey Gordon252
Andrew H? - possible Hofsies249
Henry H? - possibly Hile251
Gilbert Hall250
Jonathan Harriman248
James W. Head248
John Herrington250
Henry H? - possibly Hile251
Peter Hisler - not sure of surname248
Amos H. Hodgman249
? Hovey - possibly Mary Hovey or Mercy Hovey249
Thomas Howard252
Calvin Howland250
Jonathan Huse248
William Jackson250
Bryce Jameson251
George Jameson250
Lydia Jenks - not sure of surname248
Freeman Jones250
Luke Jones250
Alexander Kelloch or Kellock250
David Kelloch or Kellock250
Samuel Kelloch or Kellock250
John Kirkpatrick250
Mary Kirkpatrick251
Thomas Kirkpatrick250
Jacob Krouse249
Jacob Krouse, Jr.249
John G. Lambright251
Lemual Lambson248
? Lawrence248
Amos Lawrence252
William Lawrence252
Enoch Leach250
Jerahmal Leach250
John Leeds250
Alexander Lermond252
Alexander Lermond, 3d251
Alexander Lermond, Jr.251
David Lermond251
Joshua Lermond252
William Lermond251
David Libby248
Eliakim Libby250
Hatevil Libby248
Hatevil Libby, 3d250
Hatevil Libby, Jr.248
James Libby251
John Libby250
Nathan Libby251
Samuel Libby250
Lot Lincoln248
Mercy Lowell249
Mary Malcom249
James G. Mallett249
Thomas L. Mallett248
James Mathews251
Margaret Mathews250
Robert Mathews251
Josiah Maxcey251
John McAllum251
? McBeath249
Ebenezer McIntyre248
Palmer McIntyre248
Thomas McIntyre249
William McIntyre248
William McLellan249
Josiah Mero - not sure of surname252
John Miller249
Paul Minck252
John Montgomery251
Robert Montgomery251
William Moreman250
Thomas Morrison252
Daniel Newcomb251
Daniel Noyes252
John O'Brien251
David Page248
Edmond Page248
Jesse Page248
James Pascal250
John Pascal250
David Patterson251
Lucy Patterson252
John Payson250
Polly Peabody251
Stephen Peabody251
Elizabeth Pebbles248
Amos Peters252
Isaac Peters252
Jacob Peters252
? Prior249
Amos Robinson - not sure of given name248
Patrick P. Robinson248
Richard Robinson252
William Robinson248
Daniel Rukes or Rupes250
John Rukes or Kukes250
Amasa Russell251
Jonathan Storer - not sure of surname249
Ezra Sawin248
George Sidensbarger252
John Sidensbarger252
John Sidensbarger, Jr.252
James Skinner252
John Skinner252
Joseph Skinner251
Thomas Skinner251
William Skinner252
Manasseh Smith249
? Spear - short given name248
Alex Spear - not sure of given name248
David Spear248
Edward Spear249
Hugh Spear249
Isaac Spear248
John Spear, Jr.250
Robert Spear249
Thomas Spear248
William Spear248
Charles Stahl249
Jacob Stahl249
Philip Stahl249
Philip Stahl, Jr.248
David Standish248
James Standish248
John Stanley252
John Storer or John Starrett or ?249
Isaac Starrett250
Lewis Starrett251
Thomas Starrett251
Thomas Starrett, Jr.251
William Starrett250
John Storer or John Starrett or ?249
Seth Sumner248
Charles Sumner251
Hopestill Sumner249
Samuel Sumner249
Zilpha Swift251
? Thatcher248
Sarah Trowbridge252
Hansel Vaughan250
Elijah Vose251
Seth Vose251
? ? - smeared - possibly Williams250
Robert Walerman - perhaps Waterman252
Wife of William Walls252
Hector Watts250
Hugh Watts250
Samuel Watts250
Mary Webb250
William Webb250
Samuel Weston249
Joseph Wetherbee249
Thurston Whiting [presumably the Enumerator]249
Humphrey Whitten250
Marshal Wilber252
Robert Wiley252
Nathan Williams250
Sarah Wilson249
Henry Wingumpaw249
Henry Wingumpaw, Jr.252
William Wullon - not sure of surname248
John Wylie251
? Young - given name possibly Allen or Alexander or ?252
Francis Young250

List 2 - appears on a sheet following the sheet where Warren was tallied and St. George had begun; but has Warren written along the margin.

Heads of Households; all on Sheet 253
? ? - bottom entry, smeared253
Reuben Alford253
Benjamin Andrews253
Zibidiah Buttler253
Job Caswell253
Wife of Thomas Cobb253
Isaac Farrington253
John Flack253
William French, Jr.253
William Hayes253
Ebenezer Jordan253
Benjamin Kelloch253
Charles Kelloch253
Henry Libby253
John Minnihan253
Simeon Noyes253
Ezekiel Parker253
Jonathan Parker253
Samuel Spear253
Jacob Stetson 253
John Thomas253
Charles Toner253
Daniel Vaughan253
Lewis Vaughan253
John Whitney253
Alexander Wylie253
Rebecca Wylie253
? Young - possibly William Young253

Warren, Maine, in 2020

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