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Fryeburg Academy Grant, Oxford County, Maine, in the 1820 Census - now Mason Township

Fryeburg Academy Grant in Oxford County, Maine, in the 1820 Census - now Mason Township

Note: Has Batchelder's Grant written along the margin, although it's smeared and perhaps was meant to be erased by the Enumerator.  Should Fryeburg Academy Grant's figures be incorporated with those of Batchelder's Grant?  As can be seen in the map below, the two Grants were contiguous.

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Changes in Mason Township since 1820:
  • incorporated from former Fryeburg Academy Grant Plantation to Mason Township in 1843
  • part of Batchelder's Grant annexed in 1843
  • Mason Township annexed the Fryeburg Academy Grant in 1913
  • organization surrendered in 1935

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Fryeburg Academy Grant in the 1820 Census: 40 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Thomas Webster

The enumeration of Fryeburg Academy Grant appears on Sheet 212.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
David Johnson
Daniel McAllister
Jeremiah McAllister
Zaccheus McAllister
David McKeen
James McKeen
Samuel McKeen
Benjamin Walker

Mason Township in the Unorganized Territory of South Oxford County, Maine, in 2020

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