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Brownfield, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Brownfield, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Changes since 1820:
  • land set off to Denmark in 1821 and 1907
  • land set off to Hiram in 1852
  • land annexed from Porter in 1831, 1832 and 1855
Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Brownfield in the 1820 Census: 727 inhabitants.   

Enumerator: Thomas Webster

The enumeration of Brownfield appears on Sheets 185-192; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
Amos Broad - not sure of surname188
Curtis Bean185
Daniel Bean191
Dudley Bean185
Joseph Bean187
Nathaniel Bean186
Samuel Bean187
Thomas Bean191
Jeremiah Benford189
Abigail Blake189
Benjamin Blake188
Edward Blake188
Samuel Blake186
William Boynton189
Elijah Bradbury191
Isaac Bradbury186
Samuel Bradley187
Amos Broad - not sure of surname188
Hezekiah Brown190
John Chamberlain190
John Clemmons190
Asa Colby190
Thomas Cole189
Beersheba Cook188
Elisha Cotton188
Abigal Dennet192
Thomas Dickson189
Holley M. Dutch186
Walter Edgecomb188
John S. Emery - not sure of middle initial187
Charles Fogg187
Ivory Fogg187
James Folsom190
John Folsom190
Abel Gibson185
Robert Gibson191
Timothy Gibson185
Simon Gitchell190
John Goodenow187
Rufus K. Goodenow; not sure of middle initial; possibly Rufus King Goodenow (1790-1863)187
Daniel Goodwin188
John Greenlaw186
Moses Greenlaw186
Samuel S. Hadley187
Benjamin Hamlin185
Seth L. Hamlin185
Elisha Harmon191
Richard Harmon191
Samuel Hazeltine191
Henry Hill189
Nathaniel Hill189
Henry Howard191
Joseph Howard191
Samuel Howard188
Wilson Howard188
James Jack191
Isaac Johnson192
James Johnson186
Jonathan Johnson192
Sampson Johnson192
Simon Johnson192
William Lane187
Samuel Linnell186
Abraham Linscott190
Isaac Linscott190
Jacob Linscott189
Jacob Linscott, Jr.189
John Linscott190
Robert Linscott189
James Lord191
Job C. Lord191
Reuben Lowell186
Asa Mansfield185
John Mansfield185
Samuel Mansfield185
William Mansfield187
Richard Marden - or Richard Masden188
John Marston190
Moses Merrill188
Nathanaiel Merrill, Jr.188
William Merrill185
David Miller185
John T. Miller189
William Morey186
Nathaniel Page186
William Paine191
Robert Patterson185
Daniel Perkins191
Amos Poor187
William Poor190
John Quint186
Joseph Quint189
John Randall188
Alexis Reshaw185
Ichabod Ricker187
Stephen Rounds187
John Sands187
Thomas Sands187
Daniel Sargent189
Samuel Small187
George T. Smith190
Silas Snow188
Isaac Spring188
Josiah Spring185
James Steele185
John Stickney191
Jonathan Stickney191
Jonathan Storer or Jonathan Stover190
Jonathan Stover or Jonathan Storer190
Elisha Thomas186
Ephraim Thompson189
Caleb Thomson189
Oliver Travis185
Daniel Tyler186
John Wakefield189
Ebenezer Walker189
Joseph Walker187
Isaac R. Warren191
Asa Waterhouse186
William Webster190
Andrew Wentworth188
John Wentworth190
Samuel Wentworth188
William Wentworth189
Abraham White191
Ephraim Whitney190
Silas Whitney186
Robert Wormwood186

Brownfield, Maine, in 2020

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