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Waldoborough, Maine, in the 1820 Census - now Waldoboro

Waldoborough, Maine, in the 1820 Census - now Waldoboro.

For more information on early Waldoboro settlers, including the addition of some of the Hessian soldiers from Fort George at Castine, Maine, during the American Revolution, refer to the Old Broad Bay Family History Association, which includes a list of original surnames and some of the changes over time.

Boundary changes since 1820:
  • set off Johnson's Island to Bremen in 1830 and set off additional land to Bremen in 1853 and 1856

Note: the 1820 Census lists heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

Enumerator: Jesse Page

The enumerator sometimes fit in the end of a town and its aggregate in the midst of another town's enumeration.  For best results, check all of the towns that Jesse Page enumerated.
Waldoborough - this post

Total enumerated population of Waldoborough - 2449 inhabitants, which figure includes 5 inhabitants called ""Black".

The enumeration of Waldoborough appears Sheets 361-375; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the list below. In addition, most of the enumerator's entries were in the format of last name; given name; but several appear to be in the opposite format.  Consequently, I may have misinterpreted the correct order of some names.  Please be sure to check the entire list for the person you're researching.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

The list below was developed with the aid of the Old Broadbay Family History Association's Families list - please advise of any errors.

Heads of Households, Sheet Numbers
Charles ? Very faint; surname possibly four letters - Welt, Hilt, Hall, etc.369
John ? - surname very faint - short surname - possibly Lash373
Henry M ? or Henry S ? appears to end in "ing"374
Charles Acorn - originally Achorn371
George Acorn - originally Achorn364
George Acorn - name suffix could be Sr. or Jr. - originally Achorn363
John Acorn - originally Achorn364
Joseph Acorn - originally Achorn363
Michael Acorn - originally Achorn361
Peleg Alden374
Daniel Allen371
Benjamin Arnold371
Mary Barnard370
Cornelious Barns374
John Bartlet370
John Barton374
Charles Benner368
Charles Benner, Jr.368
Charles Benner, Jr.368
Daniel Benner366
David Benner369
Frederick Benner368
George Benner369
Henry Benner366
Jacob Benner366
Jacob Benner, Jr.366
James Benner374
John Benner366
John Benner369
John Benner, 2d369
Martin Benner375
Philip Benner368
Charles Broadman - originally Brotmann367
Samuel Broadman - originally Brotmann367
Benjamin Brown - originally Brotmann372
John Brown371
Joseph Brown372
Charles Bruce - not sure of surname366
Jacob Burket - originally Burkhardt372
Jacob Burket - originally Burkhardt373
John Burket - originally Burkhardt375
Jacob Burneman - originally Bornemann369
John Burneman - originally Bornemann363
John G. Burneman - originally Bornemann369
Christian Burnhammer - presumably Christian Burnheimer or Bornheimer367
Jacob Burnhammer - presumably Jacob Burnheimer or Bornheimer367
Benjamin Burns368
James Burns - not sure of surname368
William Burns368
Enos Chandler361
George Clouse365
Jacob Clouse365
Abel Cole374
Isaiah Cole - not sure of surname but there was an Isaish Cole in Waldoboro372
Christian Comroy374
Joseph Comroy375
Anthony Costner - originally Castner or Kastner372
Charles Costner - originally Castner or Kastner372
Frederick Costner - originally Castner or Kastner371
George Costner - originally Castner or Kastner372
Jacob Costner - presumably Jacob Castner - originally Castner or Kastner368
Ludwig Costner - originally Castner or Kastner372
Charles Creamer - originally Kramer365
Charles Creamer, Jr. - originally Kramer365
Christopher Creamer - originally Kramer370
Frederick Creamer - originally Kramer365
Jacob Creamer - originally Kramer370
John Creamer - originally Kramer365
Philip Cummings367
Samuel Cunningham369
James Currier - middle initial S or I or ?373
John Currier372
Abel Cushman368
Isaac Cushman369
Jones Cushman367
Senaca Cushman364
George Dallham - presumably originally Dohlheim364
Charles Damoth - originally Demuth371
Henry Damoth - originally Demuth361
Jacob Damoth - originally Demuth371
John Damoth - originally Demuth371
Martin Damoth - originally Demuth371
Elijah Davis372
Ephraim Davis373
George Deal363
William Deal363
Payne Elwell371
Charles Euell372
Charles Euell373
Malica Euell - not sure of given name; could be Malachi Ewell or Melissa Ewell373
Daniel Eugley - originally Ekele364
James Eugley - originally Ekele364
John Eugley - originally Ekele368
Zadock Eugley - originally Ekele367
Nathan Euwell - presumably a variant of Ewell373
Betsey Farley371
Mary Farnsworth373
Robert Farnsworth373
Samuel Farnsworth373
William Farnsworth373
William Farnsworth, Jr.373
Isaac Field - presumably originally Feyler or Feller366
Charles Filer- presumably originally Feyler or Feller369
Charles Filer, Jr.- presumably originally Feyler or Feller367
Christopher Filer- presumably originally Feyler or Feller370
Godfry Filer- presumably originally Feyler or Feller371
John Filer- presumably originally Feyler or Feller372
Samuel Filer- presumably originally Feyler or Feller369
Church Fish374
Samuel Fish363
William Fish361
John Fitzgarel374
Andrew Fitzgarel374
Henry Flagg371
Daniel Flanders363
Ichabod Flanders363
John Fogler - originally Vogler374
John Freeman370
Martin Gabriel361
Andrew Genthner362
Andrew Genthner, 2d362
Andrew Genthner, Jr.362
Isaac Genthner362
Jacob Genthner362
John Genthner362
Michael Genthner364
Bartum Gross - presumably Bertram Gross369
Jacob Gross362
John Peter Gross361
William Groton365
George Hooss or George Hoop or George Hoofs361
Jacob H ? - looks like Hose, possibly for Jacob Hoch363
Michel Hoe or Michel Hoc - possibly for Michael Hoch363
George Hahn - presumably goes back to Hamburg and Haburg366
Jacob Hahn - presumably goes back to Hamburg and Haburg370
John Hahn - presumably goes back to Hamburg and Haburg366
Eliphalet Hale370
Christian Hall369
John Hall375
Peleg Hall362
Timothy Hall362
Ann Handley372
Jacob Havenner - perhaps originally Heibner361
Charles Havner - perhaps originally Heibner361
Charles Havner - perhaps originally Heibner375
Caleb Hawood - presumably Caleb Haywood373
Isaac Haywood373
Joshua Haywood365
William G. Haywood372
John Head364
Joshua Head362
Philip Hilt369
Charles Hire - originally Heyer366
Cunnet Hire - originally Heyer366
Jacob H ? - looks like Hose, possibly for Jacob Hoch363
George Hoe - possibly George Hoch364
Michel Hoe or Michel Hoc - possibly for Michael Hoch363
Andrew Hoofs or Andrew Hooss - persumably a variant of the original Hoffses375
Charles Hoofs - presumably a variant of the original Hoffses374
Christian Hoofs or Hooss - presumably a variant of the original Hoffses374
George Hoofs or George Hooss - presumably a variant of the original Hoffses361
Henry Hoofs or Henry Hooss - presumably a variant of the original Hoffses375
Mary Hoofs or Mary Hooss - presumably a variant of the original Hoffses375
Mary Hopp - originally Haupt373
Alfred Hovey371
Joseph Hows375
Asa Hunt374
John Hunt375
Michael Isley - originally Eisele372
James Jamerson367
Catharine Kaler - originally Koehler361
Charles Kaker - Charles presumably - originally Koehler365
Charles Kaler - originally Koehler362
Charles Kaler - originally Koehler375
Charles Kaler, 3d - not sure of name suffix - originally Koehler365
Christian Kaler - originally Koehler368
George Kaler - originally Koehler362
George Kaler - originally Koehler365
Henry Kaler - originally Koehler368
Jacob Kaler - originally Koehler363
Jacob Kaler - originally Koehler370
Jacob Kaler - originally Koehler375
John Kaler - originally Koehler370
John Kaler, 1st - originally Koehler366
John Kaler, 2d - originally Koehler363
John W. Kaler - originally Koehler370
Joseph Kaler - originally Koehler370
Paul Kaler - originally Koehler365
Charles Keen370
Francis Keizer361
Philip Keizer361
Nathaniel Kennedy363
Thomas Kennedy363
Fred Kensel - not sure of given name - originally Kuntzel366
Frederick Kensel, 2d - originally Kuntzel364
John Kensel - originally Kuntzel364
John Kensel, Jr. - originally Kuntzel364
Nathaniel Kent373
Charles Koon - perhaps originally Kuhn367
George Koon - perhaps originally Kuhn371
George Koon, 2d - perhaps originally Kuhn361
Jacob Koon - perhaps originally Kuhn369
Paul Koon - perhaps originally Kuhn365
Paul Koon - perhaps originally Kuhn371
Jacob Lash - perhaps originally Losch363
John Lash - perhaps originally Losch364
Paul Lash - not sure of surname; faint - perhaps originally Losch371
Ezekiel Lenscott372
William Lermond367
George Levenseller - originally Lebenzoeller366
Godfry Levenseller - originally Lebenzoeller364
John Levenseller - originally Lebenzoeller368
Peter Levenseller - originally Lebenzoeller366
Francis Light - originally Leicht370
George Light - originally Leicht370
Peter Light - originally Leicht365
George Limer362
Godfry Ludwig363
Jacob Ludwig, Jr.371
James Ludwig363
John Ludwig364
Joseph Ludwig, Jr.363
Joseph Ludwig, Jr.374
Joseph Lugwig, 1st - presumably meant Ludwig364
Peter Ludwig364
Widow Ludwig369
John Matthews371
Richard McCargill370
Lydia McClentic364
Denny McCobb371
Charles Miller - originally Muller365
Charles Miller - originally Muller369
Francis Miller, 2d - originally Muller369
Frank Miller - originally Muller369
George L. Miller - originally Muller372
George Miller - originally Muller367
Henry Miller - originally Muller369
Jacob Miller - originally Muller369
John Miller - originally Muller366
Joseph Miller - originally Muller367
Marry Miller or Marcy Miller - not sure of given name - originally Muller367
Peter Miller - originally Muller360
William Miller - originally Muller362
George Mink - originally Menck368
John Mink - originally Menck367
John Mink - originally Menck368
Peter Mink - originally Menck368
Peter Mink, Jr. - originally Menck374
Philip Mink - originally Menck367
Valentine Mink - originally Menck368
Valentine Mink - originally Menck375
Levi Moody364
Richard More370
Samuel Morse369
Abel Nash362
Abel Nash, 2d362
Elijah Nash368
Oliver Nash365
Simeon Nash367
Christopher Newbet - originally Neubert367
John Newbet - originally Neubert367
John Newbet, Jr. - originally Neubert367
Michael Newbet - originally Neubert367
Peggy Newbet - originally Neubert365
Philip Newbet - originally Neubert370
Charles Overlock - originally Oberlach361
Francis Overlock - originally Oberlach374
George Overlook - originally Oberlach363
Henry Overlock - originally Oberlach363
John Overlock - originally Oberlach363
Joseph Overlock - originally Oberlach372
Nathaniel Palmer374
Abner Pitcher375
John Pitcher375
Nathaniel Pitcher375
Nathaniel Prior360
George Prock - originally Pracht365
John Prock, 2d - originally Pracht363
John Prock, 2d - as there is another 2d, this name suffix might be something else - originally Pracht364
Jacob Purkins365
Peter Purkins360
Avory Rawson371
Isaac G. Reed - possibly going back to the original settler Ried371
Michael Reed - possibly going back to the original settler Ried362
Levi Russel374
John Statt or Stott or Stalt - perhaps back to the original Stahl361
Chares Samson - enumerator presumably meant Charles Samson373
Daniel Samson373
John Shepard370
Charles Shewman - originally Schumann366
Charles Shewman, Jr. - originally Schumann366
Jacob Shewman - originally Schumann370
John Shewman - originally Schumann370
John Shewman, Jr. - originally Schumann366
Philip Shewman - originally Schumann370
Christopher Shinerman - perhaps originally Schonemann374
Charles Siders - originally Seiders365
Henry Siders - originally Seiders364
Jacob Sides - originally Seitz362
Loring Sides - originally Seitz372
Loring Sides, Jr. - originally Seitz372
Daniel Sidlenker, 3d - presumably originally Seythlinger369
Daniel Sidlinker - presumably originally Seythlinger367
Daniel Sidlinker, 2d - presumably originally Seythlinger366
Isaac Simmons360
Sarah Simmons374
Sarah Simmons375
Thomas Simmons372
Andrew Skenk - originally Schenck372
James Skenk - originally Schenck372
Isaac Skinner368
Levi Soal - perhaps enumerator meant Levi Soule365
Joshua Spear375
Michael Sprague365
Nathan Sprague362
Spooner Sprague365
William Sprague365
William Sprowl371
John Statt or Stott or Stalt - perhaps back to the original Stahl361
Charles Storrer - originally Stoerer362
Christian Storrer - originally Stoerer362
Christopher Storrer - originally Stoerer367
George Storrer - originally Stoerer372
Henry Storrer - originally Stoerer372
John Storrer - originally Stoerer364
Martin Storrer - originally Stoerer367
Matthias Storrer - originally Stoerer368
Paul Storrer - originally Stoerer367
Zachariah Storrer - originally Stoerer372
Jacob Studley - originally Steudle375
John Studley - originally Steudle375
Frederick Swatts - originally Schwartz368
Jacob Swatts - originally Schwartz368
Jacob Swatts, 2d - originally Schwartz364
Jacob Swatts, 3d - originally Schwartz363
John M. Swatts - originally Schwartz364
John Swatts - originally Schwartz361
Peter Swatts - originally Schwartz366
William Swatts - originally Schwartz368
Charles Sweetland373
Samuel Sweetland373
Daniel Tague366
Mary Thompson371
James Trowbridge360
John Trowbridge, Jr.360
Cornelious Turner365
Frederick Urff - presumably originally Orph363
George Urff - presumably originally Orph368
Henry Urff - presumably originally Orph370
John Urff - presumably originally Orph363
John Vanner375
Sarah Vanner361
Ezekiel Vinal373
Francis Vinal or Frances Vinal375
John Vinal373
Joseph Vinal375
Levi Wade373
Andrew Waggoner363
Christian Waldo367
Peter Waldo366
Peter Waldo, Jr.366
Charles Wallis - name suffix appears to be Sr. - perhaps to original Wallizer361
Charles Wallis - name suffix appears to be Sr. - perhaps to original Wallizer374
Christian Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer375
Christopher Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer361
Christopher Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer375
George Wallis, 2d - perhaps to original Wallizer366
Henry Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer361
John Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer361
John Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer374
John Wallis, 2d - perhaps to original Wallizer361
John Wallis, Jr. - perhaps to original Wallizer374
Samuel Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer374
William Wallis - perhaps to original Wallizer362
Nathan Walton373
Thomas Warterman - presumably Thomas Waterman373
Charles Weaver - perhaps to the original Weber366
George Weaver - perhaps to the original Weber369
Henry Weaver - perhaps to the original Weber369
John Weaver - perhaps to the original Weber371
Benjamin Wellman - enumerator wrote Wellmam362
Benjamin Wellman, Jr. - enumerator wrote Wellmam362
James Wellman - enumerator wrote Wellmam 362
John Welt370
Widow Welt369
Abiather White370
Thomas Willet361
Margaret Wilson371
Charles Winchinbaugh373
Godfry Winchinbach361
Isaac Winchinbach361
Jacob Winchinbach361
Ezekiel Winslow364
Ezekiel Winslow, 2d370
Henry Winslow364
Matthias Woolts - orignally Waltz368
Naniel Woolts or Vaniel Woolts - originally Waltz362
Margaret Writs365


Waldoboro, Maine, in 2020


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