Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poem Written by Zeruiah (Powers) Ormsby of Fayette, Maine, on her 85th Birthday

Note: On April 2, 2020, a reader mentioned that part of this poem appears in the book The Powers family : a genealogical and historical record, which answers questions to to the author's ancestry.

Sheet containing a handwritten poem by Mrs. Zeruiah (Powers) Ormsby of Fayette, Maine, on her 85th birthday.    The person who received this poem indicated it had been sent by cousin C. E. Fales.

From the book noted above:


My Old House

I hail once more my natal day
Still in the tenement of clay
With many favors blest
And he who planned this structure here 
Can keep it up another year
If he should think it best.

Long has it stood through snows and rains
And braced life's fearful hurricanes
While many stronger fell
The reason why we cannot tell
But what may seem a mystery
The Builder knows full well

But it is rather worn and old
The summer's heat and winter's cold
Pierce through the walls and roof
'Tis like a garment so worn out
To mend there seems no where about
So gone is warp and woof

The tottering pillars all are weak
The poor old rusty hinges creak
The windows too are dim
These slight discomforts we'll let pass
For looking darkly through a glass
We catch a hopeful gleam.

Nature and reason tell us all
This shattered frame ere long must fall
When, Where, or how is all unknown
We'll leave that to the Architects
And trust his wisdom to direct
The taking of it down.

And when you see it prostrate lie
Let not a tear bedew the eye
The tenant is not here
But just beyond Time's little space
She finds some quiet resting place
No more to date her year.

And though she dwells with you no more
The world will move just as before
This must - it should be so
Let each her house in order set
That she may leave without regret
Whenever called to go.

Written by Mrs. F. P. Ormsby, Fayette, Maine, on her 85th Birthday.  This was sent to me by cousin C. E. Fales.

If you have information on the Powers and/or Ormsby families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. What a very interesting poem, Pam. Makes one stop and take assessment of oneself, doesn't it? I enjoyed it.


  2. Thanks for sharing the poem, Pam! I hope you someday solve the mystery of who wrote it!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Judith and Bill. I'm on the lookout for next year's entry into your contest, Bill.

  4. Hi Pam,

    How do I contact you? I am interested in purchasing the Poem Written by F. P. Ormsby, Fayette, Maine, on her 85th Birthday. Sorry, it may have been obvious as to how to reach you, but I was unable to. My email is Thank you very much. Belinda

  5. I just emailed some info to you regarding this poem. Hope it is helpful!