Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photograph of Donald Blakeslee by Chipman Studio, New Haven, Connecticut

Photograph of a toddler identified on reverse as Donald Blakeslee.  The photograph was taken by the Chipman Studio in New Haven, Connecticut.

From online research, hopefully correct:

I believe this is the Donald Blakeslee who was born 21 June 1903 in Connecticut, the son of James Francis Blakeslee and his wife Julia (?) Blakeslee, both born in Connecticut.  His paternal grandparents were Thomas and Mary Ann (?) Blakeslee, both born in Connecticut.

Thomas Blakeslee's parents were Robert and Margaret (?) Blakeslee, both born in Ireland, so this family is likely not related, at least closely, to other Blakeslee lines who had settled in New England much earlier.

Donald Blakeslee married Ethel Plummer, who was born about 1904 in Connecticut, the daughter of Richard and Josephine (?) Plummer, who were both born in Ireland.  From what I surmise from the 1930 Census, when they were living with Ethel's parents, they had several children.  Ethel died in 1956.  Donald Blakeslee died in 1985.

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  1. Very interesting. My father is Donald Blakeslee, although apparently a different Donald, because he was born in New Haven in 1905. I have a very similar photo of my father taken by M&F Studio in New Haven. We are from the earlier New England line.

  2. Wow - thanks for your very interesting comment! I somehow missed your father when I was searching, or I would have given both options. Would you care to forward some data on him so I can add to the original post? The photograph was probably purchased in Maine, if that is a clue to you.