Thursday, October 28, 2010

Basketball Champions of Bucks County 1908/1909, likely Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Real Photo Postcard of the basketball champions of Bucks County for the school year 1908/1909.   They aren't individually identified on the reverse but their manager is - Paul Haney.

Because the ball appears to read "Q.H.S.", and I found a Paul Haney living in Bucks County in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, I believe that this is the champion basketball team of Quakertown High School, Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

From online research, hopefully correct:

The Paul Haney in the photograph may be the Paul S. Haney, born December 1891 or 1892 in Pennsylvania, the son of David Ziegler Haney and his wife Sarah Elizabeth (Sigafoos) Haney, both born in Pennsylvania.

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