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Cabinet photo of Catherine "Kate" (Glanville) Fanselow & her brother Oliver E. Glanville, by Hampton, Iowa studio

Cabinet photograph made by the Bates studio of Hampton, Iowa, of brother and sister Catherine "Kate" (Glanville) Fanselow and Oliver E. Glanville.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Catherine "Kate" Glanville was born March 1864 in Cornwall, England; I don't have her death date.  Her brother Oliver E. Glanville was born March 1866 in Cornwall, England and died 30 December 1905 in Reeve, Iowa.   Their parents were Oliver Glanville, born 16 January 1840 in Cornwall, England, and Jane "Jennie" Crocker, born 1837 in England, who emigrated to Iowa with their family in 1866.

Kate and Oliver's paternal grandparents were Johnson and Myria Glanville.  Their maternal grandparents were Philip and Mary (Terrell) Crocker.  I don't believe the grandparents emigrated to the United States, but I could be wrong.

There seemed to be a large number of Glanvilles from Cornwall, England, in the US, perhaps because there was work for miners here.  Some of the information I found online had Glanville folks mixed up.  I hope I didn't fall into that trap, but I could have.

In 1891 Catherine "Kate" Glanville married Henry C. Fanselow [also seen as VanSelow and Fanslow], who was born in May 1864 in Germany.  On the 1900 Census he indicated he had emigrated to the United States in 1866; in another place I saw 1873.  His parents were Henry Fanselow and, possibly, Louisa (Schmidt) Fanselow.  Kate and Henry lived in Oakland and Perry, Iowa, and raised a family of at least four children.

In 1897, Oliver E. Glanville married Bessie L. Cale, who was born in September 1876 in Iowa, the daughter of Andrew and Amelia (Camp) Cale, who were both born in Pennsylvania.  Oliver and Bessie lived in Hamilton, Iowa and raised two children.  Bessie married Louis Van Every after Oliver died in 1905 and had another child.

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  1. You showed up in my Google alerts - I live in Hampton and am on the board for the Historical Society.

    If you have the inclination and need more information you could send a letter to the Society, p.o. box 114, Hampton Iowa 50441 - or email If you email, the couple that does the research are out of town for awhile - so it might be a month or two. It is exactly the kind of thing they love to do!

    Keep up the good work = I'd like to write about this if you decided to contact us! Our new blog is

  2. Thanks so much for contacting me! I'm so glad you found the photograph meaningful. I would love to hear from the vacationing couple when they get back. In the meantime, feel free to write about this "heirloom reunited" - reunited at least with people from its home area, if not its relatives - yet.