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CDV of George Dexter Greenwood, New Hampshire and New York

Carte de Visite of a young man I believe to be George Dexter Greenwood of Nashua, New Hampshire, Hollis, New Hampshire and later New York.  The CDV was taken by F. Glenton, Photographer, of Nashua, New Hampshire.

From online research, hopefully correct:

George Dexter Greenwood was born 21 July 1858 in Hollis, New Hampshire, the son of Dexter and Mary (Holden) Greenwood.  

His father, Dexter Greenwood, was a farmer in Hollis, New Hampshire.  After his marriage to Mary (Holden) Greenwood, he worked as a lumber dealer in Coloma, California from 1849 to 1851, and then returned to New Hampshire where they raised their family.  He also lived for a time in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

George Dexter Greenwood's paternal grandparents were Calvin and Hannah (Kimball) Greenwood, both born in New Hampshire.  His maternal grandparents were Phineas Hemenway Holden, born in Groton, Massachusetts, and his wife Elizabeth (Jewett) Holden, who was born in New Hampshire.

George Dexter Greenwood married twice.  On 23 October 1889, he married Isabel Eliza Conant, who was born 23 May 1859, the daughter of Albert and Eliza M. (Beard) Conant.  She died on 2 September 1890 at East Orange, New Jersey.  On 7 November 1894, he married Mary Staniford Lowell, who was born 14 Mar 1874 [according to the Greenwood Genealogy, but Feb 1875 according to the 1900 Census], the daughter of Herbert and Minnie (Staniford) Lowell.  I don't believe George Dexter Greenwood had any children with either wife, but I'm not sure.  

George Dexter Greenwood left New Hampshire for New York where he was a wholesale fruit dealer and consignee of cargoes of bananas in New York City.  He lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I lost track of him after the 1920 Census, when he was living in Manhattan. He was still working at that point, as a Food Salesman/Manager.

He had a sister and two brothers.  His sister Ellen Elizabeth, born 19 July 1853, was a bookkeeper and telegrapher at the Boston & Maine Railroad repair shop in Nashua, and then housekeeper for her cousin Frederick Worcester in North Cambridge, Massachusetts.

His brother Francis Clark Greenwood, born 4 November 1854 in Hollis, New Hampshire, started out in the fruit business in New York City, but later took charge of Conant Hall, a summer boarding house in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.  He married Ada E. Conant, the daughter of William H. and Sarah Emeline (Cloutman) Conant.   In the 1900 Census, he and Ada are shown having a daughter Marion, born Jan 1895 in New Hampshire.  The Greenwood Genealogies, published in 1914, show the couple as having no children, but I can find Marion in the 1920 Census.  

His brother Henry Chickering Greenwood, 29 May 1863, was also in the fruit business in New York City.  He married piano teacher Grace Foggs Stage, the daughter of Robert B. and Grace (Foggs) Stage.  I believe they had a daughter Grace.  I lost track of them all after the 1910 Census when they were living in Weehawken, New Jersey. 

Most of the information I gleaned came from The Greenwood Genealogies, 1154-1914: the ancestry and descendants of Thomas Greenwood, of Newton, Massachusetts; Nathaniel and Samuel Greenwood of Boston, Massachusetts; John Greenwood, of Virginia, and many other later arrivals in America, also the early history of the Greenwoods in England, and the arms they used, by Frederick Greenwood of East Templeton, Massachusetts, 1914, which is available to read online at The Greenwood Genealogies

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please scroll down to the comments box or contact me directly.

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