Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 Photos Leroy Lewis Greely, Portland, Maine, age 1 and age 3

Photograph of Leroy Lewis Greely (1899-1949), Portland, Maine, at age 1, photo by Hanson studio of Portland.

Photograph of Leroy Lewis Greely at age 3 or 4; photo by a Portland, Maine studio.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Leroy Lewis Greely was born at Portland, Maine, on 10 April 1899, the son of Burnard L. and Harriet (?) Lewis.  His paternal grandparents were, I believe, Eliphalet and Abbie (Abbott) Greely.  I don't have information on the maiden name of Leroy's mother Harriet, or the names of her parents, but she indicated on the Census forms that she was born in Canada.

Leroy Lewis Greely married Hope Gertrude Davis (1900-1970), who was born in Providence, Rhode Island, the daughter of Joseph Carlton Davis and his wife Clara Louise (Peckham) Davis.  Leroy and Hope had at least one child, a son.

A reader forwarded a photograph of Clara Louise (Peckham) Davis when she was small. The identification on the reverse notes that Clara was the daughter of Thomas Peckham and Mary (DeBaun) Peckham.

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