Wednesday, October 27, 2010

c. 1900 Grammar School Photograph of Students & Mr. Kane, Thomaston, Maine

Circa 1900 photograph of female students and teacher Mr. Kane at a grammar school in the Rockland, Maine area. The photograph was taken by G. K. Merrill of Rockland.  

After researching the names of some of the students, I believe this school was located in Thomaston, Maine. There must have been a companion photograph of the male students.

If you note names I've transcribed incorrectly or incompletely, please leave a comment or contact me directly. 

  • Mr. Kane
  • Anne Jameson [Annie K. Jameson, later to be Class of 1905 VP at Thomaston HS]
  • Anabel W.
  • Sampson twins [I think Edith and Ella]
  • Marie
  • Julia
  • Nellie S.
  • Elisabeth Washburn
  • Emma Young
  • Addie Dickey
  • Margaret Helens [F.Margaret Hellen, later to be Secretary of Class of 1905 at Thomaston HS]
  • Margaret Ryder [Margaret O'Brien Rider, later to be president of Class of 1905 at Thomaston HS]
  • Cassie Donohue
  • Alice Hahn
  • Ida Kaler
  • Christine
  • Helen Copeland
  • Kate Allen
  • Alta McCoy
  • Evie Donohue
  • Agnes Brown
  • Fannie Grute
  • Hazel Merrill
  • Eva Hatch
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  1. Hello - Margaret "Ryder" is actually Margaret O'Brien Rider, b. 8 April 1886. She was class president of Thomaston High School, Thomaston Maine class of 1905. I have a later photo of some of the same girls that are in the photo above. A graduation souvenir brochure lists Margaret O'B Rider as class president, Annie K. Jameson, class Vice President, F. Margaret Hellen, secretary and Fannie Miller Crute, treasurer.
    Shelley Rider

  2. Shelley, thanks for adding this valuable information. I'm going to add the correct spelling of her name in brackets, above. It's neat that you've come across this earlier photo of the girls!