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June 1877 Declamation, Sophomore Class, Maine State College

Maine State College Prize Declamation of the Sophomore Class, June 23rd, 1877, Gradation '79.

Order of Exercises
1.  England and America, J. W. Cousens, Stillwater
2.  Public Opinion, S. P. Crosby, Dexter
3.  The Death Penalty, J. A. Curtis, Bowdoin
Selection - Orchestra
4.  National Prosperity, W. E. Ferguson, Bangor
5.  Mazeppa's Ride, Nellie M. Holt, Orono
6.  Parrhasius, F. E. Kidder, Bangor
Selection - Orchestra
7.  Irish Allens, M. D. Libby, Vassalboro
8.  Death of Montrose, A. Y. Merrill, Orono
9.  Ancient Mariner, G. P. Merrill, Auburn
Selection - Orchestra
10.  Death of Arnold, H. W. Peaks, Charleston
11.  The Assault on Charles Sumner, F. D. Potter, Waldoboro
12.  Battle of Ivry, H. Webster, Orono
Selection - Orchestra


H. P. Bean              E. C. Johnson
E. J. Blake              F. E. Kidder
S. P. Crosby           M. D. Libby
J. A. Curtis             C. S. Loring
J. W. Cousens         G. P. Merrill
J. D. Cutter             C. A. Morse
W. F. Decker           A. L. Moore
D. A. Decrow           J. W. Meserve
W. E. Ferguson        A. Y. Merrill
C. W. Gibbs              F. D. Potter
Annie M. Gould        H. W. Peaks
L. F. Goodale           E. G. Smith
E. A. Hawes             Percia A. Vinal
Nellie M. Holt           G. O. Warren
                    H. Webster

As someone interested in genealogy, I would love to see a copy of "Irish Allens".

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  1. Thank you! I was doing genealogy research on my grandfather, J.A. Curtis and was so happy to stumble upon this! He went on to join the Engineer Corp under General Warren after his Maine State days and then headed out west where he was a government surveyor in Wyoming followed by time as a civil engineer in Delta, Colorado.

  2. Thanks for adding some flesh and bones to this dry memento!