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Photograph of a child in the family of Cora Maude Remick, born 1868 in Maine

Note:  Be sure to read the comments section, which has much more information on the Remick/Conroy family and a guess as to the identity of the child. 

Enlarged photograph of a beautiful young child, not identified but in the family of Cora Maude Remick, who married Eugene F. Conroy, according to a page of genealogy that came with the photograph.  Unfortunately I have only the last page.


Cora Maude Remick, April 30, 1868, married July 30, 1886 to
Eugene Francis Conroy, born March 17, 1884 [sic - 1864]
Madeline Agnes Conroy, born May 2, 1890.  Single
Eugene Francis Conroy, Jr., born February 28, 1892,
  married Marie E. McIntyre, October 8, 1919
Lloyd Elwood Conroy, born July 17, 1902,
  married Catharine Veronica Wallace, April 30, 1924,
   Patricia Conroy, born to Catharine and Lloyd, July 29, 1925.

Celia's husband - George Wellington Downing, born Calais, Maine, 
   October 1869, died November 21, 1894.

Walter Boyd Remick married to Hazel Porter, June 20, 1901.
                                                   Hazel Porter died May 25, 1910

Walter married 2nd time to Caroline Elizabeth Link, July 31, 1923.
      Caroline Elizabeth born, Chicago, Illinois

Lloyd Thomas Remick married Mary Elizabeth Cook, July 20, 1907
    Mary Elizabeth born Milford, Massachusetts 1883

From online research, hopefully correct:

Cora Maude Remick was born 30 April 1868 in Maine, the daughter of John G. Remick, born in Otis, Maine, and his wife Sarah E. (Dexter) Remick, born in Dedham, Maine.  Her paternal grandparents were Elkanah and Nancy Jane (Bunker, I think) Remick of Mount Desert Island and Otis, Maine.  Her maternal , grandparents were Thomas Burrill Dexter, born in China, Maine, and his wife Mary Rideout (Blood) Dexter, born in New Hamphire; they had moved to Dedham, Maine.

I don't have any information on the parents of Eugene Francis Conroy, and I'm not sure of his birthdate.  The transcript has an obvious typo, but even 1864 is at odds with an entry for his birth month and year in the 1900 Census of March 1861.  I'm accustomed to the 1900 Census being off by a year either way, but this would be 3 years.

Eugene Francis Conroy and Cora Maude (Remick Conroy had three children: Madeline Agnes, Eugene Francis, Jr., and Lloyd Elwood.  It's possible that the young girl in the photo is one of their children.  The handwritten sheet mentions a daughter born to Lloyd Elwood Conroy in 1924.

Another possibility is that the little girl isn't a direct descendant of Cora Maude Remick at all, but rather a descendant of one of her siblings, perhaps even identified on one of the preceding missing sheets of family genealogy.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, particularly if you recognize the young girl from family albums, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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  1. the girl is patricia victoria conroy, daughter of lloyd and kay(catherine) wallace. i am john conroy, son of eugene francis conroy jr. and marie mcintyre. cora maud remick conroy was my paternal grandmother. i can be reached at johnconroy.vsc

  2. In the 1900 census Eugene Conroy is a horseshoer, 1910 he is a blacksmith-horseshoer. I find him in 1880 Brooklyn, N. Y. census, age 21, with parents illiam & Mary where William & Eugene are blacksmiths. 1900 census gives parents birth place as Ireland. William & Mary were born in Ireland. Cora & Eugene are both buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn. The Remick's had a sister not on the list, Minnie L., born 11 May 1866, marr. 31 Jan 1882 ugene Blaisdell. All the Remick's were born in Otis, Hancock, Maine. Minnie & Eugene had a dau. Winnie R. (L. in census), born May 1898, died 1903 in Orland, Maine, Winnie's father died in 1902. Minnie shows up in Massachusetts in 1920 census.
    Lloyd was born Thomas Lloyd Remick. On the marriage record he & Mary Monica Cook were marr. 1 Jul 1906 in Rockland, Massachusetts where she was born.
    Celia D. Remick & her husband were marr. 21 Nov 1894 (Int. 15 Nov 1894) in Ellsworth, Hancock, Maine.
    Walter Boyd is a little more of a problem as there were two Walter Remick's living in Brooklyn at the same time. Walter B. did marry Hazelie Porter 21 Aug 1901, Kings, N. Y.. On his WW1 Draft Reg. Card 12 Sep 1918 & in the 1920 census he was marr. to Violet. The 1930 census has his wife as Carrie, born in Michigan. Walter Boyd had a claim filed 19 May 1938 (Social Security Applications and Claim Index) so he was dead before this date.
    Brian Emero 4 Mar 2017

  3. I was born to Eugene F. Conroy Jr. and Marie McIntyre Conroy on April 11, 1037 in Brooklyn, N.Y. I do remember my grandmother, Cora Maude Remick Conroy had a sister Celia who died when I was a child. At the time of her death, Celia lived in Brooklyn and I had been taken to visit her a few times. Cora Maude and Eugene Sr. had moved to Rockville Centre, N.Y.about 1915. Eugene died in 1926 and Cora died in 1949. I was always told that Cora was born in Sargentsville Maine. Her house in Maine burned to the ground in 1946 0r 47.Cora's mother was Sahrah Billings ( not sure of the spelling )who was born in Maine and died in Rockville Centre, year uncertain. My fsther, Eugene Conroy Jr. told me his father was a blacksmith in Broolklyn. Thank you for providing more detailed information.

    1. Thank you for providing even more information. I'm amending the post to direct readers' attention to the comments section.