Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photograph of Gladys E. Ingersoll at 14 months; by Cheney studio, Lansing, Michigan

Photograph of 14 month old Gladys E. Ingersoll taken by the Cheney Studio of Lansing, Michigan.  Identification on reverse:

Researching online, I found a Gladys E. Ingersoll born in New York in 1913, the daughter of Cornelius Conrad Ingersoll and his wife Ethel (Tompkins) Ingersoll.  Though admittedly no expert on dating photographs, I feel that the Gladys in the photograph was born earlier than 1913.

Another Gladys E. Ingersoll was born December 1894 in Minnesota.   She could have been visiting relatives in Michigan when the photograph was taken.

And there are plenty of Gladys Ingersolls, though I was able to rule out a few of them eventually by digging deeper and learning that their middle names did not start with E.

If you have any thoughts on the further identity of the Charlotte E. Ingersoll in this photograph, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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