Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cabinet Photo of Charles D. Moore, by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania studio

Cabinet photograph of a man identified on reverse as Charles D. Moore.  The photograph was taken by The F. Gutekunst Co., studio of 712 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Searching online, I found more than one possibility for the Charles D. Moore in the photograph.  I didn't find a Charles D. Moore in Philadelphia, but I found two instances of a Charles Moore.  And there may be others,  not only in Philadelphia but in the wider region.

I found a Charles Moore in Philadelphia, born about 1810 in Pennsylvania, who married a Hannah.  Hannah had died by the time of the 1870 Census, it appears.  Children in this family included: George W. Moore, born about 1837; Mary Ann Moore, born about 1839; Emma M. Moore, born about 1841; Rebecca Frances Moore, born about 1843; Charles Alfred Moore, born about 1845 [I hope Alfred wasn't his father's middle name - if so, this would not be the Charles D. Moore in the photograph]; Ann Eliza Moore, born about 1846; Lewis Conner Moore, born about 1849.

 Another Charles Moore was born 27 August 1812 in Philadelphia and married Christine Kober, who was born 25 October 1811 in Germany, the daughter of Johann Philip Kober and his wife Catharine (Dieter) Kober.  Children in this family included: Charles Moore (1842-1893); Anna Moore (1846-1936); Kate Moore (1850-1927); Susan Moore (1850-1894); Franklin Moore (1858-1907).   Charles Moore Sr. died 15 August 1893; I haven't found a death date for Christine.

It's possible that a woman born in Germany might choose a studio with a German sounding name, such as the F. Gutekunst Company.

Of course, our Charles D. Moore might have been just visiting Philadelphia at the time his photograph was taken - perhaps at a convention of some kind, reflecting his headgear.  Identifying his hat would provide an additional  clue to his identity.

If you have any insights into the identity of the Charles D. Moore in the photograph or into the type of headgear he is wearing, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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