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Photo of Carrie May (Holt) Ring and husband Walter Glenwood Ring, Cambridge, Maine + 1914 Dexter HS invite

 Wonderful photo of  Walter Glenwood Ring and his wife Carrie May (Holt) Ring out for a drive.

The photograph above came with:
  • photograph of three children
  • negative of one child
  • invitation to Carrie May Holt's 1914 high school commencement at Dexter High School, Dexter, Maine, extended to Mr. Harold Sawyer and lady.  The "lady" was presumably Carrie's older sister Martha Louise Holt, who married Harold on September 2, 1914.  

Reverse of the photo above with the identification:

Photo of three children, sadly unidentified, in what appears to be a schoolyard:  Note: a reader has identified the boy at left as Donald Leigh Sawyer, son of Harold Leigh Sawyer and Martha Louise (Holt) Sawyer, who was Carrie's older sister.

The negative and the envelope in which it was stored:

Notice that the envelope is addressed to Sister Carrie.  But I don't know if that meant the negative was an image of Sister Carrie or if Carrie's brother or sister addressed the envelope to her, with the negative of another child inside.

Carrie May (Holt) Ring had two brothers and a sister:
  • Vernal Elton Holt
  • Daniel Packard Holt
  • Martha Louise Holt, mother of Donald Leigh Sawyer, one of the children in a photograph above.

Invitation to Carrie's 1914 Commencement at Dexter High School, Dexter, Maine:

Carrie's card and the envelope carrying the invitation, which was addressed to Mr Harold Sawyer and lady, who, as noted above, was Carrie's older sister Martha Louise Holt, who would marry Harold Leigh Sawyer on September 2, 1914 at Dexter, Maine.

Carrie May Holt was born April 26, 1894 in Maine, the daughter of Henry Lincoln Holt and his wife Eunice Thompson (Packard) Holt of Sangerville and Cambridge, Maine, respectively.  Carrie graduated from high school in 1914.

On March 18, 1916 at Cambridge, Maine, Carrie married Walter Glenwood Ring, who was born October 26, 1892 in Cambridge, Maine, the son of Walter Hiram Ring and his wife Alice May (Mitchell) Ring, both of Cambridge, Maine.  Carrie and Walter had at least one child, daughter Maxine, who married Lewis Everett Carr.

Harold Leigh Sawyer was born July 2, 1892 at Cambridge, Maine, son of Samuel and Nancy Ann (Watson) Sawyer.  Martha Louise (Holt) Sawyer was born September 24, 1889.

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  1. Pam, this is fascinating. My grandparents were Harold & Louise (Holt) Sawyer. Of the three children, "sadly unidentified", the one on the left is my father Donald Leigh Sawyer. I have a copy of this photograph.

    1. Wonderful! I've amended the post to mention this. If you would contact me - my coded email address is under Inquiries - I'd like to show you more photographs with people and farms you might be able to identify.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. My husband and I own the farm Carrie and Walter Glen Ring owned. My mother and father bought it from Glen in 1972.

    1. How neat that their farmhouse still exists! Thanks for taking the time to comment.