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Members of the Maine Medical Association in Hancock County, Maine, up to 1873

Included in the 1873 booklet entitled Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Medical Ethics of the Maine Medical Association is a list of the members, including deceased members, by their counties of residence, as those counties exist today.

You can see images of all of the pages of the booklet in another post, as well as a list of all of the members in alphabetical order by their surnames.

This post identifies the members from Hancock County, Maine, up to 1873, including deceased members.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information I've gleaned online, please leave a comment or contact me directly.
  • F. W. Bridgham of Sullivan, Maine.   Dr. Frederick William Bridgham was born March 3, 1845 at Castine, Maine, son of Dr. Roland Hammond Bridgham and Jane (Simpson) Bridgham.  Frederick William Bridgham received a medical degree from the Maine Medical College at Bowdoin College in 1866.  On November 25, 1872, he married Sarah A. Hooke, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Hooke.  Dr. Bridgham died January 6, 1907 at Sullivan, Maine.  He's buried in the York Hill Cemetery at Sullivan, Maine, with his wife, who died in 1909, and several children.

  • F. H. Chase of Orland, Maine.  Dr. Freeman Hersey Chase was born September 2, 1838 at Lincoln, Maine, the son of Cyrus Hamlin Chase and Harriet (Bailey) Chase.  Freeman served in the Civil War and then attended the Medical School of Maine at Bowdoin College, where he received a degree in 1866.  On March 8, 1866 at Bangor, Maine, he married Isabelle Josephine Buker, "Bell".  After practicing medicine at Orland, Maine, Dr. Chase moved his practice to Bangor, Maine, where he died in 1901.  He's buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, with his wife, who died in 1910.

  • Franklin B. Ferguson of Deer Isle, Maine.  Dr. Franklin Beckwith Ferguson was born April 19, 1828,  at Deer Isle, Maine, the son of Benjamin Franklin Ferguson and Harriet Goodwin (Cross) Ferguson.  He practiced medicine at Steuben, Maine, and Deer Isle, Maine.  On May 18, 1852, Dr. Ferguson married Mary G. Haskell, daughter of Thomas Haskell and Lavinia (Choate) Haskell.  Dr. Ferguson died September 22, 1906.  He's buried in the Mount Adams Cemetery at Castine, Maine, with his wife, who died in 1920, and other relatives.

  • P. H. Harding of Ellsworth, Maine.  Dr. Philander Harrison Harding was born at Hampden, Maine, on December 22, 1829, the son of Harvey Harding and Susannah (Wilson) Harding.  Philander taught school for a while and then studied medicine under Dr. McRuer of Bangor, Maine, and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1855.  Upon his return to Maine, Dr. Harding practiced medicine in the towns of Freedom, Ellsworth, Surry and Blue Hill, before returning to Ellsworth for the remainder of his career.  About 1851, Dr. Harding married Harriet Elizabeth Nevens.  Harriet died in 1868, days after she gave birth to daughter Hattie Nevens Harding, who herself would die in 1869.  Dr. Harding died in 1875.  He, his wife and child are buried in the Woodbine Cemetery at Ellsworth, Maine.  

  • Asa McAllister* of Ellsworth, Maine, was born April 2, 1806 at Lovell, Maine, the son of Joseph McAllister and Sarah (Kilgore) McAllister.   Asa received a medical degree from Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1838 and set up a practice at Ellsworth, Maine.  On June 26, 1839, he married Ann Caroline Peck, daughter of Dr. Calvin Peck and Susan (Joy) Peck.  Dr. McAllister died July 30, 1860; he and Ann, who died in 1893, are buried in Woodbine Cemetery at Ellsworth, Maine, with several children.

  • A. F. Page of Bucksport, Maine.  Dr. Alpheus Felch Page , who served as president of the Maine Medical Association in 1873, was born December 7, 1824 at Limington, Maine, the son of Rev. Caleb Page and Sarah (Felch) Page.  Dr. Page received a medical degree from the Medical College of Maine at Bowdoin College in 1849.  He married Eveleen Augusta Raiguel at Philadelphia, Pennsyvlania, on November 10, 1859.  Eveleen was born at Ellsworth, Maine, the daughter of William Raiguel and Almira Nancy (Badger) Raiguel.  By 1860 Dr. Page was practicing medicine at Bucksport, Maine.  He died December 28, 1880 and is buried in the Silver Lake Cemetery at Bucksport, Maine, with his wife and daughter Mary Louise Page, "Mamie".   See a video where Henry Felch Page discusses his ancestors.

  • George Parcher of Ellsworth, Maine.   Either Dr. George Parcher (1803 or 1804-1884) or his nephew, apothecary George Asa Parcher (1844 or 1846-1917), but presumably the former as no middle initial was used.  The elder George Parcher received his degree at Bowdoin College in 1830 and set up practice at Unity, Maine, for a couple years.  In 1833 he moved his practice to Ellsworth, Maine, where he lived for the remainder of his life - though he practiced at Hancock, Maine, during "The Plague" (erysipelas).  He and his wife, Caroline Ann (Hatch) Parcher are buried in the Woodbine Cemetery at Ellsworth, Maine.

  • F. R. Swazey of Bucksport, Maine.  Dr. Frederic Rice Swazey was born August 10, 1831 at Bucksport, Maine, the son of John Newmarch Swazey and Sally (Buck) Swazey.  Dr. Swazey received his medical degree from the Medical College of Maine at Bowdoin College in the late 1850s; he also had training in Europe.  On December 16, 1867 at Bath, Maine, he married Ann Louisa Sewall, daughter of General Joseph Sewall and Eliza (Smith) Sewall of Bath.  Dr. Swazey died May 11, 1875; he's buried in the Silver Lake Cemetery at Bucksport, Maine.   Annie died in 1914 and is buried with family members in the Maple Grove Cemetery at Bath, Maine.

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