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Farm for Sale in Granby, Connecticut, in Connecticut Courant August 2, 1814

While searching for articles on the capture by the British of Eastport, Maine during the War of 1812, I came across this interesting advertisement for a farm in Granby, Connecticut in the August 2, 1814 issue of the Connecticut Courant.


In the state of Connecticut, town of Granby, situated about one mile from Mr. John Willey's, bounded westerly on the turnpike road leading from Granby meeting-house to East Granville -- one hundred and fourteen acres of Land, a good house and barn; the farm is suitably divided into plow land, wood land, fencing timber, mowing and pasturing; is in good state of cultivation, and well fenced; has a good flourishing orchard, and is well watered.  Any person wishing to purchase will please to call on the subscriber in Middletown, or Mr. John Willey in Granby, living near said farm, who is authorised to give terms of sale.
                                         LEMUEL STORRS
Middletown, July 9                          if82

A map of Granby, Connecticut:

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  1. I checked a 1869 map of Granby and neither family was shown. The area is still rural and back in the 60's and 70's there were still orchards in the area. If you go to street view on Google maps at the corner of rt189,east st, and Mountain rd. you can see what the area looks like. I traveled that road many times working for the telephone company.
    P.S. I enjoy your site.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment! Sounds a lot like Maine, where many of the old farms have reverted to forest, a few leaving hints of cellar holes, lilacs, stone walls or gravestones. That said, I'm happy hearing that the site is still rural and not paved over. I didn't drive around Maine as much as you did Connecticut, but I did my fair share, and there's nothing like it to make you feel connected to your state.