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Collection of Snapshots, 2 Photographs & Letter Presumably Pertaining to the Family of Lewis Everett Carr and Maxine E. (Ring) Carr of Dexter, Maine

Collection of snapshots and a letter that appear to have belonged to the family of Lewis Everett Carr and Maxine Eunice (Ring) Carr, "Jerry", of Dexter, Maine.

The photograph above shows a man in uniform returning home to a hero's welcome.

None of the photographs has an identification or any writing on the reverse.  Thankfully, the photographs and letter were enclosed in a photography studio envelope addressed to Maxine Ring, and the letter was addressed to Louis [sic] Carr at RFD #1, Dexter, Maine.

The letter was written by O. W. B., "Brownie", from Milton, New Hampshire.  I believe "Brownie" was Orlando Wendell Brown, Jr., who was born at Sanford, Maine, in 1928, son of Orlando Wendell Brown, Sr., and Marguerite (Howard) Brown.  In the letter:
  • How are all the men in the drafting room?
  • Did Lewis' deferment come through?
  • Please return the book on engineering drawing
  • How are Jimmie and his new wife getting along?
  • Lewis' vocation as a draftsman
  • Brownie's impending move to New York City, perhaps indefinitely

Note: amended from the original thanks to a reader:  The man in the photograph below, found with the letter written by Orlando Wendell Browne, has been identified as Lewis Everett Carr.

The snapshots were taken at farmhouses, the lake and a rock outcropping.  One of them, in a different format, might also show Lewis Everett Carr, in uniform.  He had enlisted at Bangor, Maine, in October 1942 as a Warrant Officer, perhaps specializing in drafting, which was his vocation.

Lewis Everett Carr was born September 7, 1921 at Dexter, Maine, son of Maurice L. Carr and Jessie R. (Page) Carr.  Near the end of World War II, on January 5, 1945, Lewis married Maxine Eunice Ring, "Jerry", at Dexter, Maine.

"Jerry" was the daughter of Walter Glenwood Ring and Carrie May (Holt) Ring.  See other posts that feature:
Please look over the sample photographs of people, houses and/or landmarks and comment or contact me directly if you recognize someone or something.

Maxine Eunice (Ring) Carr, "Jerry"

According to a reader: Maxine Eunice (Holt) Carr, "Jerry", with, possibly, her son Roger, taken at Cambridge, Maine

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