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Life Members of the Maine Missionary Society Who Were Recognized in the 1861 Annual Report

Included in a booklet entitled Sermon Preached before the Maine Missionary Society, Brunswick, June 26, 1861 and the Annual Reports of the Trustees and Treasurer is a list of those life members of the Maine Missionary Society who were recognized that year.

Images of the two pages of Life Members recognized and a transcription of their names and residences appear at the end of this post.

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The booklet, which measures about 9" by 5-3/4", was printed by Stevens & Sayward in 1861 at Augusta, Maine.  Because the entire booklet is provided online by the Yale University library, I've scanned only a few images.

The sermon mentioned in the title was delivered by Rev. Edwin Bonaparte Webb (1820-1901).  Also in the booklet is the Fifty-Fourth Annual Report, which includes:
  • List of the men performing missionary duties and the towns to which they were assigned, including remarks; the list and remarks are featured in another post.
  • Information about the number of missionaries employed and reasons for turnover
  • New churches organized
  • Growth in Aroostook County; 
  • Rev. Joshua Eaton's description of his church at Long Island, off Mount Desert, Maine
  • How long to support struggling missions
  • Treasurer's report
  • Home Missionary Society report
  • Description of the Annual Meeting
  • Donations
Rev. George E. Adams, President
Hon. George F. Patton, Vice President
Rev. Benjamin Tappan, Correspondence and Recording Secretary
John Chute, Esq, Treasurer

Rev. G. E. Adams, ex officio                          Rev. S. H. Keeler
Rev. Benjamin Tappan                                    Rev. Uriah Balkam
Rev. Enoch Pond                                            Rev. John O. Fiske
Rev. David Shepley                                         Eben Steele, Esq.
Rev. Stephen Thurston                                    Deacon J. S. Wheelwright
Deacon Samuel Adams

William D. Little, Esq.                                     William C. Mitchell, Esq.

Appointed to nominate preachers
Rev. Woodhull                                                Rev. Turner
Rev. A. C. Adams

Rev. John O. Fiske, First                                Rev. Samuel Harris, Second

The list of those Life Members who were recognized since the prior publication.  As you can see, the members are listed in alphabetically by towns. After the images, you'll find a list of the surnames in alphabetical order, which is likely of more value to family history researchers.

List of Life Members Mentioned, in Alphabetical Order by Surname - given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.

  • Dr. Ebenezer Alden of Randolph, Massachusetts
  • Asa C. Bagley of Portland, Maine
  • Phebe C. Bagley of Portland, Maine
  • Richard Bailey, Deacon, of Newcastle, Maine
  • Miss Ann Bailey of Wiscasset, Maine
  • Mrs. Nelly Baker of Strong, Maine
  • Mrs. Olive Baron of Topsham, Maine
  • Miss Mary D. Barrows of West Minot, Maine
  • Mrs. Nancy R. Bass of Wilton, Maine
  • Asher B. Bassford of Calais, Maine
  • William Berry, Esq., of Biddeford, Maine
  • Mrs. Cynthia S. Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Mrs. Sarah G. Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Sylvanus Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Nathaniel Willis Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Rev. Joseph Boardman of Pownal, Maine
  • Rev. Samuel D. Bowker of Winthrop, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary H. Bradford of Portland, Maine
  • Captain S. L. Bragdon of Wells, Maine
  • Nathaniel Brown, Deacon, of Gorham, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary Card of Lyman, Maine
  • Joshua Chadbourn of Biddeford, Maine
  • Mrs. Jane Chadbourn of North Yarmouth, Maine
  • Mrs. G. M. Chase of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary Chase of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Mrs. Julia A. Crocker of Machias,  Maine
  • Alice L. W. Cummings of Portland, Maine
  • Edith J. Cummings of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Fannie E. Cutler of Farmington, Maine
  • Miss Mary Dole of Alna, Maine
  • Miss Mary Ann Drummond of Bangor, Maine
  • Miss Mary L. Eastman of Saco, Maine
  • Rev. R. W. Emerson of Monson, Maine
  • Mrs. R. W. Emerson of Monson, Maine
  • Mrs. S. W. Lord Farrar of Bangor, Maine
  • Miss Alice Louisa Farwell of Farmington, Maine
  • Miss Mary McGaw Fiske of Bath, Maine
  • Mrs. Lemuel Fogg of New Gloucester,  Maine
  • Colonel John Ford of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary L. Ford of Portland, Maine
  • Miss Alice W. C. Ford of Portland, Maine
  • Daniel Freeman, Jr., of Minot, Maine
  • Miss Susan K. Gordon of Portland, Maine
  • Lois Green of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Tabitha G. Grover of Bethel, Maine
  • Miss Mercy Hall of Castine, Maine
  • Rev. Sewall Harding of Newton, Massachusetts
  • Miss Mary E. Hatch of Sanford, Maine
  • Benjamin Heald, Deacon, of Lovell, Maine
  • Mrs. Anna Hill of North Buxton, Maine
  • Charles E. Hobbs of South Berwick, Maine
  • Miss Octavia W. Howard of Bangor, Maine
  • Rev. Rowland B. Howard of Farmington, Maine
  • Mrs. Ella P. Howard of Farmington, Maine
  • Given Jameson, Deacon, of Topsham, Maine
  • Captain Joseph W. Lawrence of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Henry M. Leighton of Augusta, Maine
  • Mrs. Martha H. Leighton of Augusta, Maine
  • Miss Ann Gray Loring of Cumberland, Maine
  • Rev. Henry A. Lownsbury of Wilton, Maine
  • Mrs. Relief C. Mansfield of Camden, Maine
  • James A. McLellan of Bath, Maine
  • Mrs. Susan H. Merrill of North Belfast, Maine
  • Horatio Merrill, Deacon, of Gorham, Maine
  • Mrs. William Miller of Sanford, Maine
  • A. R. Mitchell, Jr., of Bath, Maine
  • William Nason of Chicago, Illinois
  • Mrs. Mary A. Nason of Chicago, Illinois
  • Mrs. Abigail Packard of Auburn, Maine
  • Mr. Henry M. Packard of West Auburn, Maine
  • Rev. Edward S. Palmer of Freeport, Maine
  • Rev. Edwin B. Palmer of Newcastle, Maine
  • Mrs. E. B. Palmer of Newcastle, Maine
  • Mrs. Thirza M. Palmer of Newcastle, Maine
  • Isaac Parker of Blue Hill, Maine
  • Alice E. Pickard of Plattsville, Wisconsin
  • Frederic W. Pickard of Plattsville, Wisconsin
  • Mrs. Phebe W. Pike of Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • Rev. George Putnam of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Mrs. Fannie W. Putnam of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Miss Sarah N. Rice of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. John Richards of Strong, Maine
  • William M. Rogers of Bath, Maine
  • Mrs. Rosanna Rolfe of Princeton, Maine
  • Mrs. Anna Rowell of San Francisco, California
  • Mrs. Eliza B. Russell of Bath, Maine
  • Abel Sampson, Deacon, of Temple, Maine
  • Miss Mary E. Sands of Saco, Maine
  • Mrs. Maria Sawyer of Calais, Maine
  • Richard W. Shapleigh of Lebanon, Maine
  • Samuel Silsby, Deacon, of Aurora, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary B. Smith of Kennebunkport, Maine
  • Edmund Starrett, Esq., of Warren, Maine
  • Mr. Oliver Stevens of Wells, Maine
  • John L. Stickney of Brownfield, Maine
  • J. W. Stickney of Hallowell, Maine
  • Mrs. Ruby Stuart of Machias, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary P. Thatcher of Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Mrs. Charlotte P. Thompson of Standish, Maine
  • Miss Caroline W. Titcomb of Kennebunkport, Maine
  • Miss Mary G. Tompson of South Berwick, Maine
  • J. G. Torrey, Deacon, of Rockland, Maine
  • Mrs. Ann C. Towle of Fryeburg, Maine
  • Mrs. Lizzie D. Waters of Deer Isle, Maine
  • Miss Rebecca Weld of Sanford, Maine
  • Rev. Theodore Wells of Sanford, Maine
  • Mrs. Sarah C. P. Wells of Sanford, Maine
  • Thomas M. Wentworth of Lebanon, Maine
If you have information on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment or contact me directly - thanks!

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