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Life Members of the Maine Missionary Society Who Were Recognized in the 1862 Annual Report

Included in a booklet entitled A Sermon Delivered in High Street Church, Portland, Before the Maine Missionary Society, June 25, 1862 and the Annual Reports of the Trustees and Treasurer is a list of those life members of the Maine Missionary Society who were recognized that year.

An image of the page of Life Members recognized and a transcription of their names and residences appear at the end of this post.

The booklet, which measures about 9" by 5-3/4", was printed in 1862 at the Kennebec Journal Office at Augusta, Maine.  Because the entire booklet is provided online by the Yale University library, I've scanned only a few images.

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The sermon mentioned in the title was delivered by John O. Fiske, Pastor of Winter Street Church, Bath. Also in the booklet is the Fifty-Fifth Annual Report, which includes:
  • List of the men performing missionary duties and the towns to which they were assigned, including remarks; the list and remarks are featured in another post.
  • Information about the number of missionaries employed and the missions
  • Mission established in the Madawaska territory by Mr. E. N. Raymond, a native to that area who had converted to Protestantism
  • Mission at Topsfield, Maine
  • Mission at Burlington and Great Falls by Rev. A. R. Plumer
  • Revivals at Patten by Rev. W. T. Sleeper of Patten; Houlton and Linneus by Rev. E. G. Carpenter; at Temple; Kennebunkport; Rockport; Phippsburg by Rev. Ezekiel Emerson; Dedham; Gouldsborough; Norway; Mechanic Falls
  • The Treasury
  • State of the County, then suffering through the Civil War
  • Annual Meeting
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Donations
Rev. George E. Adams, President
Hon. George F. Patton, Vice President
Rev. Benjamin Tappan, Correspondence and Recording Secretary
John Chute, Esq, Treasurer

Rev. Dr. Adams, ex officio                          Rev. Seth H. Keeler
Rev. Benjamin Tappan                                Rev. Uriah Balkam
Rev. Enoch Pond                                        Rev. John O. Fiske
Rev. David Shepley                                    Eben Steele, Esq.
Rev. Stephen Thurston                                Deacon J. S. Wheelwright
Deacon Samuel Adams

William D. Little, Esq.                                  William C. Mitchell, Esq.

Rev. Professor Harris, First                              Rev. Edward W. Gilman, Second

The list of those Life Members who were recognized since the prior publication.  As you can see, the members are listed in alphabetically by towns. After the images, you'll find a list of the surnames in alphabetical order, which is likely of more value to family history researchers.


  • Mrs. Elizabeth Allen of Alfred, Maine
  • Miss Eliza Ann Allen of Machias, Maine
  • Rev. Augusta F. Beard of Bath, Maine
  • Sylvanus B. Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Miss Abby Ann W. Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Miss Frances E. Blanchard of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Mrs. Mima A. Boardman of Pownal, Maine
  • Miss Susan A. Brown of Dover, Maine
  • Mrs. Elizabeth R. Burbank of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Clarendon Butman of Plymouth, Maine
  • Horace Carleton of Alna, Maine
  • Miss Ann M. Chandler of Freeport, Maine
  • John Howard Chandler of Winthrop, Maine
  • Mrs. G. H. Chase of Portland, Maine
  • Miss Eliza F. Cutler of Freeport, Maine
  • John N. Cutting, Deacon, of Warren, Maine
  • Mrs. Ellen Darling of Dover, Maine
  • Isaac Eastman, Deacon, of Sweden, Maine
  • Jonathan Scott Ellis of Farmington, Maine
  • Mrs. Salter Emery of Sanford, Maine
  • Mrs. Samuel B. Emery of Sanford, Maine
  • Joseph W. Fairbanks of Farmington, Maine
  • James B. Fiske, Esq., of Bangor, Maine
  • Mrs. Elizabeth F. Fox of Jewett City, Connecticut
  • Miss Abbie S. Foxcroft of New Gloucester, Maine
  • Frank A. Garnsey of Bangor, Maine
  • Mrs. Angelica Gilkey of Camden, Maine
  • Mrs. Sarah J. I. Goodwin of Foxcroft, Maine
  • Mrs. Miriam H. Gordon of Saco, Maine
  • Mrs. Isabella T. Gray of Freeport, Maine
  • Miss Mary L. Hagar of Richmond, Maine
  • Rev. Edward P. Hammond of Vernon, Connecticut
  • Rev. David S. Hibbard of Gouldsborough, Maine
  • Miss Roxanna P. Inglee of Machias, Maine
  • Samuel Jameson of Topsham, Maine
  • Miss Lydia W. Jeffords of Kennebunkport, Maine
  • Rev. Edwin Johnson of Bangor, Maine
  • Mrs. Sarah K. Johnson of Bangor, Maine
  • Mrs. Noah B. Kent of Augusta, Maine
  • Otis Kimball, Deacon, of Bath, Maine
  • Mrs. Lucia T. Kimball of Bethel, Maine
  • Mrs. Susan King of Whitefield, Maine
  • Miss H. M. Larrabee of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Abby C. Leavitt of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Sally H. Libby of Scarborough, Maine
  • A. L. Loring of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Mrs. Joanna B. Mayo of Foxcroft, Maine
  • M. J. Warren Merrill of Farmington, Maine
  • William W. Mitchell of Portland, Maine
  • Denis Moore of Lovell, Maine
  • Mrs. Sarah Morgan of New Gloucester, Maine
  • Benjamin Morrill of Cumberland, Maine
  • Rev. Flavius V. Norcross of Union, Maine
  • George Noyes of Freeport, Maine
  • Miss Abby L. Osgood of Dover, Maine
  • George B. Page, Esq., of Houlton, Maine
  • Mrs. Maria B. Palmer of Freeport, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary W. Peabody of Princeton, Maine
  • Miss Fanny M. Pickard of Madison, Wisconsin
  • Edward A. Pope of Wells, Maine
  • Miss Alice R. Pote of Falmouth, Maine
  • Miss Mary B. Potter of Augusta, Maine
  • Miss Anna A. Potter of Augusta, Maine
  • Mrs. Sarah Richardson of Bath, Maine
  • George L. Rogers, Esq., of Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • Rev. J. A. Ross of New Gloucester, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary D. Sewall of Fryeburg, Maine
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw of Alfred, Maine
  • Miss Anna Shepard of Bangor, Maine
  • Thomas Shepard of Bangor, Maine
  • William Francis Shepard of Bangor, Maine
  • Charles Lord Shepard of Bangor, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary S. Skinner of Brewer, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary Ann Smith of Kennebunkport, Maine
  • Rev. William A. Smith of Rockland, Maine
  • Mrs. Anne I. Soule of Freeport,  Maine
  • Mrs. K. C. Souther of Fryeburg, Maine
  • Miss Mary Souther of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Louisa P. Stearns of Hallowell, Maine
  • Mrs. Caroline E. Stickney of Hallowell, Maine
  • Horace P. Storer of Portland, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary Stowell of Farmington, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary Jane Sweetser of Cumberland, Maine
  • Miss M. Abby Tenney of St. Albans, Maine
  • Miss Catherine M. Thing of Freeport, Maine
  • Miss Marie G. Tyler of Brownfield, Maine
  • Mrs. Harriet L. Vinton of Gray, Maine
  • Truxton Walker of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Nahum Warren, Deacon, of Veazie, Maine
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Washburn of Medford, Massachusetts
  • Mrs. Lizzie D. Waters of Orrington, Maine
  • Elijah Webster of Orono, Maine
  • Mrs. Mary Weymouth of Gray, Maine
  • Miss Mary H. Whittlesey of Brunswick, Maine
  • Mrs. Polly Winslow of Yarmouth, Maine
  • Captain John Young of Yarmouth, Maine

If you have information on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment or contact me directly - thanks!

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