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Alphabetical List of Prisoners held at the Maine State Prison in 1879

Included in the 1879 Reports of the Inspectors and Warden of the Maine State Prison and of the Physician and Chaplain, Also the Report of the Commissioners is a list of the prisoners, which includes:
  • names
  • ages
  • nativity
  • crime
  • time of commitment
  • term sentence
  • whether discharged
  • manner of discharge
The alphabetical list of prisoners and images of the pages with their names and other information appear at the end of this post.

See another post that features other elements of the 1879 Reports, including:
  • List of the administrative staff
  • Various Reports
  • Names of 26 men for whom records show they were entered into the prison, but not currently there, and no discharge records found.
Note:  Four prisoners died during 1879:
  • Owen F. Young of pththisis pulmonis, on March 30; not mentioned in the list at the end of this post.
  • Marshall F. Young of Endocarditis with effusion, on August 20
  • James Stone of Typhoid fever, after being removed to Warren, Maine, on October 30
  • Alexander Clifford, who hanged himself on November 29, a day after receiving news of the death of his father.
The administrative staff, including:
  • George Tolman, Warden
  • William A. Bartlett, Deputy Warden
  • Henry C. Levensaler, M.D., Physician
  • David J. Starrett, Teacher

Alphabetical List of Prisoners - given names may not be in alphabetical order.

Note:  It seems that the given name of at least one person on this list is misspelled, so try variations of given names and surnames if in doubt.

The following list places the names in alphabetical order and includes names, ages, nativity and crime, followed by the number of the page on which the names appear.  To see the time of commitment, sentence, and whether the prisoner was discharged or not, check the appropriately numbered page in the images shown at the end of this post.

Frank B. Abbott, age 19New JerseyCompound larcenyPage 20
Henry Abbott, age 30MaineForgeryPage 21
William T. Abbott, age 18MaineBurning buildingPage 22
George W. Adams, age 19MassachusettsBreaking and enteringPage 18
George Adderly, age 20EnglandCompound larcenyPage 19
Charles Allen, age 19CanadaLarcenyPage 20
James Allen, age 27EnglandAssaultPage 21
Otis Ames, age 30MaineLarcenyPage 20
Ingalls B. Andews, age 48MassachusettsBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 17
Walter H. Andrews, age 21ScotlandBreaking, entering and larceny in night timePage 21
Moses Austin, age 55MaineFalse presensesPage 16
Jesse Ayers, age 50MaineAssault with intent to killPage 17
William Bailey, age 17MaineLarcenyPage 19
William Barnes, age 14MaineObstructing a railroadPage 17
Francis H. Barns, age 32MaineForgeryPage 18
Moses Basley, age 19MaineAssault and batteryPage 19
Luke Berrian, age 23MassachusettsCompound larcenyPage 21
Franklin W. Bickford, age 22MaineLarcenyPage 16
Moses Bickford, age 40MaineBurglaryPage 22
Augustus N. Black, age 28MaineRapePage 16
William D. Blake, age 40MaineMurderPage 16
Charles F. Boutler, age 36MaineLarcenyPage 19
Fred Boynton, age 26MaineBreaking and entering and larcenyPage 19
Gilbert Brazile, age 18MaineLarcenyPage 18
Justus J. Brazzell, age 46New BrunswickAssault and battery; breaking, entering and larcenyPage 19
Charles H. Brett, age 24MaineLarcenyPage 16
George H. Brown, age 24New YorkCompound larcenyPage 18
Edward Brown, age 47MassachusettsLarcenyPage 19
Charles A. Brown, age 21GeorgiaAttempt to commit larcenyPage 20
Albert Brown, age 23MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 20
Charles S. Brown, age 47MaineCheating by false pretensesPage 21
Willis Bryant, age 14New HampshireArsonPage 16
Owen G. Bryant, age 28MassachusettsCompound larcenyPage 20
Llewellyn Bubier, age 15MaineAssault and batteryPage 17
Anthony Bundy, age 22Washington, D.C.Felonious AssaultPage 17
Mads N. Burns, age 40DenmarkIncestPage 17
Henry Butterfield, age 32GeorgiaBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 20
Ira H. Carter, age 39MaineIncestPage 19
William H. Carter, age 27EnglandLarcenyPage 21
Patrick Carter, age 19MaineAssault and batteryPage 22
Michael Cerless, age 18MassachusettsBreaking, entering and larceny in night timePage 21
James W. Chamberlain, age 40MaineCheatingPage 21
Walter K. Chamberlain, age 36MaineLewd and lascivious cohabitationPage 21
Adelbert Chandler, age 23MaineCounterfeitingPage 19
Oak A. Chase, age 22MaineBreaking and enteringPage 17
William Clark, age 21MassachusettsReceiving stolen goodsPage 19
Howard A. Cleveland, age 23MaineMurderPage 16
Alexander Clifford, age 16MaineArsonPage 17
Jacob C. Clough, age 53New HampshireAssault with intent to commit incestPage 17
Lyman W. Cochran, age 21MaineBreaking and enteringPage 18
Thomas Colby, age 21MaineForgeryPage 18
William Cole, age 27Nova ScotiaRapePage 17
John Conlon, age 50IrelandAssault to KillPage 16
James Conners, age 23MaineLarcenyPage 17
John Connors, age 28MaineBreaking and enteringPage 21
Charles C. Coolrith, age 22MaineBreaking and enteringPage 20
Isaac N. Cox, age 14MaineManslaughterPage 18
George Crabtree, age 52MaineAssault and batteryPage 21
John Curtis, age 24CaliforniaBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 17
John Daley, age 27MinnesotaBurglaryPage 17
Charles A. Dalton, age 35MassachusettsCompound larcenyPage 17
Joseph H. Davis, age 30MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 18
Charles E. Davis, age 36MaineLarcenyPage 18
Edward Daws, age 36SwitzerlandLarcenyPage 19
Calvin Day, age 36MaineArsonPage 19
Peter Dean, age 24Nova ScotiaRobberyPage 17
Edward Dennison, age 14MaineArsonPage 16
Rufus A. Derncus, age 24MaineCompound larcenyPage 18
Stephen J. Doherty, age 16New BrunswickCompound larcenyPage 17
John Donivan, 2d, age 25New YorkCompound larcenyPage 20
John Donovan, age 20MaineAssault and batteryPage 17
Alfred Dube, age 17CanadaLarcenyPage 22
Frank Dufour, age 21CanadaManslaughterPage 21
Fred L. Dutton, age 19MaineLarcenyPage 21
Timothy Eastman, age 18MaineCompound larcenyPage 20
Frederick Eaton, age 36MaineForgeryPage 17
John Evertson, age 37New YorkEmbezzlementPage 17
Patrick Ford, age 19MaineCompound larcenyPage 17
Albert C. Friendy, age 47MaineForgeryPage 22
Gabriel Garnean, age 33MaineAssault and batteryPage 18
Deborah Gilbert, age 40MaineLarcenyPage 20
Ephraim Gilman, age 25MaineMurderPage 16
Charles B. Gilman, age 40New YorkAssault wiht intent to murderPage 22
Isaac N. Glidden, age 24MaineBurglaryPage 16
Orrin Goodwin, age 25MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 20
Fred Grant, age 23MaineBurglaryPage 18
Charles V. Gray, age 36MaineLarcenyPage 18
Henry Green, age 24IllinoisCheating by false pretensesPage 16
Frank J. Greenlaw, age 19MaineBreaking and enteringPage 17
Patrick Griffin, age 40IrelandMurderPage 16
Lester T. Grindell, age 17MaineLarcenyPage 18
Samuel D. Haines, age 23MaineMurderPage 22
Albert O. Hall, age 32MaineRapePage 17
Rose Hall, age 19MaineLarcenyPage 21
Noah E. Harding, age 23New HampshireCompound larcenyPage 17
Charles L. Harriman, age 20MaineAssault and batteryPage 17
Robert Harris, age 45Nova ScotiaLarcenyPage 21
Howard M. Hart, age 26MaineCounterfeitingPage 19
Nathan F. Hart, age 49MaineMurderPage 20
Charles Harvey, age 28MaineBurglaryPage 22
James Haskins, age 28IrelandAssault with Dangerous WeaponPage 16
Prescott P. Heath, age 55MaineArsonPage 18
Jacob S. Herrin, age 49MaineManslaughterPage 17
Norman Hicks, age 21MaineLarcenyPage 17
Rufus N. Higgins, age 33MaineManslaughterPage 16
Benjamin S. Holt, age 20MaineCompound larcenyPage 18
Henry Johnson, age 45New BrunswickAssault with intent to killPage 17
John C. Johnson, age 28MaineReceiving stolen goods; breaking and enteringPage 18
George Johnson, age 23EnglandLarcenyPage 19
Henry Johnson, 2d, age 23MassachusettsLarcenyPage 21
Andrew Jones, age 48NorwayManslaughterPage 19
Edward Jones, age 27MassachusettsLarcenyPage 22
Peter Joyce, age 15MaineCompound larcenyPage 21
Patrick Kavanaugh, age 24IrelandRobberyPage 17
Charles W. Keith, age 50MaineAttempt to MurderPage 17
Timothy Kennedy, age 19MaineReceiving stolen goodsPage 21
E. B. Kenneson, age 59VermontFelonious AssaultPage 22
Albert Kenney, age 23MaineBurglaryPage 16
Charles H. Kernan, age 25LouisianaMurderPage 16
George L. Knight, age 21MaineAssault and battery; breaking, entering and larcenyPage 19
George Knights, age 40MaineMurderPage 16
Joseph Lamb, age 48MaineAbortionPage 19
William Lannagan, age 25MaineRapePage 20
Oscar S. Larabee, age 20MaineBreaking and enteringPage 18
Michael Lawless, age 24VirginiaRapePage 20
John F. Lawrence, age 32MaineMurderPage 16
Andrew Lawson, age 50SwedenBreaking and larcenyPage 22
William E. Leonard, age 18MaineCompound larcenyPage 17
Bernard Little, age 51IrelandMurderPage 16
Arthur Livingstone, age 30MaineAssault to rapePage 18
D. Scott Lord, age 25MaineLarcenyPage 17
Obadiah Lovett, age 33MaineBreaking and enteringPage 19
James M. Lowell, age 31MaineMurderPage 16
Ezra Lunt, age 52MaineBreakingPage 20
George Mack, age 24MaineLarcenyPage 17
Edward Maguire, age 26`New YorkCompound LarcenyPage 16
Michael Mahoney, age 18MaineRapePage 19
Simeon P. Marr, age 45MainePolygamyPage 20
Levi John Marshall, age 18Nova ScotiaLarcenyPage 19
Thomas Marshall, age 21MaineLarcenyPage 19
Burnham Martin, age 25MaineBurglaryPage 17
Sarah Martin, age 24MaineLarcenyPage 19
William Marvin, age 45MassachusettsForgeryPage 18
James McAloon, age 25New BrunswickRobberyPage 18
Alexander Scott, alias McClusky, age 28ScotlandRobberyPage 17
James McCorsen, age 40MaineAdulteryPage 19
Stephen S. L. McDonald, age 32MaineRapePage 16
Joseph McGaw, age 22MaineRobberyPage 18
Daniel McGinley, age 42IrelandBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 19
Alexander McGregor, age 28ScotlandBreaking, entering and larceny in night timePage 21
John McMann, age 18MaineCompound larcenyPage 20
John Miller, age 63MaineMurder, in second degreePage 17
George Miller, age 33FriendlandPiratePage 17
Rolla Millett, age 23MaineLarcenyPage 21
George W. Mitchell, age 23MaineLarcenyPage 20
Inthia A. E. Morgan, age 18MaineMurder, 2nd degreePage 18
George B. Morrow, age 17MaineCompound larcenyPage 20
Philip Morse, age 22CanadaCompound larcenyPage 21
Valparaiso Mosley, age 27MaineLarcenyPage 20
William F. Murray, age 26MaineCompound larcenyPage 19
Joseph Mushrawl, age 22New BrunswickCompound larcenyPage 19
James E. Nickson, age 28MaineAssault and batteryPage 21
Frank Norton, age 35MassachusettsCompound larcenyPage 18
Lewis L. Packard, age 21MaineCounterfeitingPage 19
Bion B. Parsons, age 19MaineAssault with intent to killPage 21
Hans Patterson, age 52GermanyBreaking and enteringPage 18
Alexander Patterson, age 19GermanyAssault and batteryPage 18
Andrew Peltire, age 22New BrunswickAssault to ravishPage 17
Richard W. Perkins, age 22MaineBreaking enteringPage 22
Daniel Peters, age 22MaineForgeryPage 22
Lewis B. Peterson, age 44MaineIncestPage 22
Elihu Phillips, age 88MaineCompound larcenyPage 19
Frank Pinkham, age 23MaineLarcenyPage 20
Jordan Pinkham, age 26On the SeaLarcenyPage 20
Calvin Plaisted, age 47MaineArsonPage 16
Benjamin Pooler, age 35CanadaBreaking and enteringPage 20
James M. Pote, age 47MaineBreaking and enteringPage 22
Joel C. Preble, age 29MaineMurderPage 16
Charles Elias Prescott, age 23MaineMurder in first degreePage 21
Jonathan C. Pressey, age 40MaineAssault to RapePage 16
Alpheus M. Priest, age 35MaineLarcenyPage 21
George Prince, age 62MaineForgeryPage 21
Frank Quint, age 26MaineAdulteryPage 19
Thomas Rayan, age 22MaineCompound larcenyPage 22
Elbridge W. Reed, age 35MaineMurder, second DegreePage 16
George Reed, age 25MassachusettsBurglaryPage 16
Frederick H. Reed, age 38MaineCompound larcenyPage 17
Frank Reed, age 20MaineLarcenyPage 20
Nathan Richards, age 57MaineBurglaryPage 16
Abel E. Richards, age 18MaineBreaking and enteringPage 18
Thomas Riley, age 24MaineRapePage 19
James P. Riley, age 31MaineBreaking and enteringPage 21
Joseph B. Robbins, age 58MaineForgeryPage 18
Henry Robinson, age 36Washington, D.C.LarcenyPage 18
Lewis Robinson, age 27Nova ScotiaArsonPage 19
John G. Rowe, age 20MaineAssault with intent to killPage 21
Merris A. Saddler, age 24MaineCompound larcenyPage 18
Alfred Savage, age 38VermontMurderPage 19
James M. Savage, age 61MaineManslaughterPage 21
Alexander Scott, alias McClusky, age 28ScotlandRobberyPage 17
Albert Seamore, age 22CanadaLarcenyPage 22
Jefferson Severence, age 37MaineBurglaryPage 19
Thomas Shaughnessey, age 18MaineCompound larcenyPage 21
William Shorett, age 30MaineCompound larcenyPage 21
Lewis Shorey, age 24MaineRapePage 21
Orrin Simms, age 29New HampshireCompound LarcenyPage 16
Luther Smith, age 60MaineAssault to KillPage 16
Joseph D. Smith, age 20MaineMurderPage 16
William Smith, age 24MainePiratePage 17
Michael Smith, age 28MaineLarcenyPage 17
Edward M. Smith, age 37MaineMurder in first degreePage 19
Henry Smith, age 18MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 20
Frank Snider, age 32MaineForgeryPage 22
William Splain, age 20MassachusettsLarcenyPage 22
James Stackpole, age 26MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 20
Fred Staemel, age 41GermanyAssault and batteryPage 19
Charles F. Staine, age 24MassachusettsLarcenyPage 19
William H. Stephenson, age 47MaineLarceny and common thiefPage 19
David S. Stevens, age 34MainePolygamyPage 19
Hiram Stevens, age 34MaineBurning buildingPage 21
Charles W. Stevens, age 35New BrunswickLarcenyPage 21
James Stone, age 40MaineAssault to ravishPage 17
Alonzo Sturdevent. age 17MaineLarcenyPage 21
Cornelius Sullivan, age 21MaineLarcenyPage 16
Thomas Sullivan, age 21MaineBreaking, entering and larcenyPage 22
George Talbot, age 24MaineLarcenyPage 18
Robert Terry, age 27VirginiaBurglaryPage 18
Wilber M. Thomas, age 19MaineCompound larcenyPage 20
Silas C. Thomas, age 47MaineLarcenyPage 22
Williard A. Thompson, age 25MassachusettsBreaking and enteringPage 18
Andrew Thurston, age 24MaineAssault to ravishPage 21
John Tierney, age 17MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 21
William Tobey, age 18MaineBreaking and enteringPage 21
Herbert F. Todd, age 21MaineCompound larcenyPage 17
Eben Todd, age 56MaineReceiving stolen goodsPage 18
Albion W. Todd, age 22MaineCompound larcenyPage 18
Martin L. Towers, age 19MaineRapePage 17
Charles H. Tozier, age 24MaineLarcenyPage 21
Alexander Trask, age 24MaineBreaking and entering
Frederick Turner, age 22MaineLarcenyPage 18
John Turner, age 22MaineBurglaryPage 22
Charles T. Ware, age 27MaineLarcenyPage 19
Charles Webber, age 25MaineRapePage 20
James Whalen, age 17MaineBurning buildingPage 22
Michael Whalon, age 19MaineLarcenyPage 16
George Williams, age 20MassachusettsRobberyPage 19
Charles H. Williams, age 28ConnecticutForgerPage 20
James Williams, age 17MaineBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 20
James Willson, age 17OhioLarcenyPage 18
Edward L. Willson, age 51CubaAttempt to burn a public buildingPage 20
John Wilson, age 22SwedenCompound larcenyPage 21
Thomas Woodford, age 33NewfoundlandBreaking and enteringPage 18
Charles A. York, age 27New HampshireBreaking, entering & larcenyPage 17
Marshall F. Young, age 46MaineIncestPage 19

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