Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1877 Brochure Announcing Spring Term at Hebron Academy at Hebron, Maine

Brochure dated Tuesday, February 27, 1877, announcing the Spring Term at Hebron Academy at Hebron, Maine.

The brochure is composed of one sheet of paper approximately 10" by 8", folded once into four panes.

Names on the front page, as shown above:
  • Rev. Stephen D. Richardson, Chaplain
  • John F. Moody, A.M., Principal and Teacher of Latin, Greek and Natural Sciences
  • Roswell C. Bradford, Principal, Commercial Department
  • Miss Helen M. Staples, Preceptress and Teacher of Modern Languages and Belles-Lettres
  • F. C. Robertson, Pupil of School of Oratory, Boston, University; Teacher of Elocution
  • Mrs. Neil B. Moody, Teacher of Music
  • Mrs. Eva M. Turner, Teacher of Drawing and Painting
  • Miss Ella Woodman, Assistant, Higher English  [her name may have been handwritten]
  • Zibeon Packard, Secretary of the Board of Trustees
The interior two panes:

The back pane:

Names on the page above:
  • Zibeon L. Packard, Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. Estes of Paris, Maine
  • Rev. A. R. Crane of Hallowell, Maine
  • Rev. A. C. Herrick of Canton, Maine
  • Hon. N. Dingley, Jr. of Lewiston, Maine
  • Hon. Sumner Burnham of Norway, Maine
  • W. H. Atwood of Buckfield, Maine
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