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Members of the Maine Medical Association in Kennebec County, Maine, up to 1873

Included in the 1873 booklet entitled Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Medical Ethics of the Maine Medical Association is a list of the members, including deceased members, by their counties of residence, as those counties exist today.

You can see images of all of the pages of the booklet in another post, as well as a list of all of the members in alphabetical order by their surnames.

This post identifies the members from Kennebec County, Maine, up to 1873, including deceased members.

AEnoch Adams of North Litchfield, MaineKCyrus Kendrick, Jr. of Litchfield Corner, Litchfield, Maine
BDaniel R. Bailey* of East Winthrop, MaineMDaniel Edward Marston of Monmouth, Maine
Charles Hubbell Barker of Wayne, MainePaul Merrill* of Augusta, Maine
J. T. Bates* of Winthrop, Maine; John T. Bates, who died in Civil War?NJames Deering Nutting of Hallowell, Maine
David Porter Bolster of Weeks' Mills, China, MainePAlbert Franklin Plimpton of Gardiner, Maine
Nathaniel R. Boutelle of Waterville, MaineByron Porter* of Waterville, Maine
George Edmund Brickett of Augusta, MaineJohn Hart Prentiss* of Augusta, Maine
Cyrus Briggs* of Augusta, MaineRGeorge LeBarron Randall* of Vassalboro, Maine
CHenry H. Campbell of Waterville, MaineSWilliam Safford* of Litchfield, Maine
Lorenzo S. Cole of Hallowell, MaineBigelow Thatcher Sanborn of Augusta, Maine
Atwood Crosby of Waterville, MaineAlbion Parris Snow of Winthrop, Maine
EJoseph Willard Ellis* of Augusta, MaineAlbert Fisk Stanley* (Honorary) of Winthrop, Maine
FDavid Folsom* of Augusta, MaineTFrederick Charles Thayer of Waterville, Maine
Moses Frost* of Sidney, MaineBenjamin Lamper Tibbetts of South China, Maine
HHenry M. Harlow of Augusta, MaineJohn Wilson Toward of Augusta, Maine
John Hartwell* of Winthrop, MaineWChadbourne Warren Whitmore of Gardiner, Maine
John Quincy Adams Hawes of Hallowell, MaineStephen Whitmore of Gardiner, Maine
Hiram Hovey Hill of Augusta, MaineGeorge Hamlin Wilson of Albion, Maine

*  Deceased

If you have information to share on any of the physicians mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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