Monday, March 20, 2017

Members of the Maine Medical Association in Androscoggin County, Maine up to 1873

Included in the 1873 booklet entitled Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Medical Ethics of the Maine Medical Association is a list of the members, including deceased members, by their counties of residence, as those counties exist today.

You can see images of all of the pages of the booklet in another post, as well as a list of all of the members in alphabetical order by their surnames.

This post identifies the members from Androscoggin County up to 1873, including deceased members.

BJohn H. Blake of North Auburn, MaineHRoscoe Lincoln Harlow of Auburn, MaineRRichard Russell Ricker of Lewiston, Maine
C. C. Bowker* of Auburn, MaineNathan Coy Harris of Auburn, MaineEdmund Russell of Lewiston, Maine
Charles Burr Bridgham of Livermore Falls, MaineWilliam C. Hall of Auburn, MaineSJohn Megquier Small of Lewiston, Maine
A. Brawn of Lisbon, MaineEdward Henry Hill of Lewiston, MaineJ. W. Small of Lisbon, Maine
Alcander Burbank of Lewiston, MaineOrin Alonzo Horr of Lewiston, MaineRoscoe Smith of Turner, Maine
CJosiah Carr of Mechanic Falls, MaineIHenry D. Irish*, TurnerBenjamin Franklin Sturgis of Auburn, Maine
John Cook* of Auburn, MaineKWilliam Kilbourne* of Auburn, MaineWJason Walker of Minot Corner, Maine
DJohn A. Donovan of Lewiston, MaineMAlbert Leonard Merrill* of Auburn, MaineMilton Curtis Wedgewood of Lewiston, Maine
EEli Edgecomb of Lewiston, MaineJohn Addison Morton of Livermore, MaineNewton J. Wedgewood of Lisbon, Maine
John Marshall Eveleth of Mechanic Falls, MaineCharles Millett* of Lewiston, MaineHorace Carr White of Lisbon Falls, Maine
FAlbert Smith Frye of Lewiston, MaineOSylvester Oakes of Auburn, MaineHenry Love Keay Wiggin of Auburn, Maine
GAlonzo Garcelon of Lewiston, MainePCharles K. Packard of West Auburn, Maine
Frank Garcelon of East Livermore, Livermore Falls, Maine

*  Deceased

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