Monday, July 18, 2022

Two July 12, 1842 Documents where Maine Militia Commander Eliakim Norton of Avon, Maine, Requests Men to Assemble

Avon, Maine, July 12, 1842, where Eliakim Norton, Commanding Officer, Infantry, 3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Maine Militia, orders Asahel Swain and Jesse Sprague to have their men assemble on July 23, 1842 at the store of John Will? in the room of Ensign John Bates, for the purpose of selecting a successor to Bates, who was being promoted.

The order to Asahel Swain, shown at top, includes the names, on the reverse, of men:
  • A. C. Swain [Asahel C. Swain]
  • John P. Hall
  • Jesse H. Soule
  • Andrew Haley

A similar handwritten order to Jesse Sprague includes, on the reverse, the names 
  • Jesse Sprague
  • Joseph Brown, Jr.
  • William McKeen
  • William S. Towle
  • William W. Will
  • Samuel Day
  • Joseph Boston, Jr.
  • Ebenezer Goodwin (tear in paper, so I'm not sure of given name)
  • Ivory Libby
  • Robert Mitchell
  • Joshua Sprague

If you have information on any of the men mentioned above, please leave a comment, so that this post can be amended, for the benefit of other researchers.

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