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1850 Letter from M. M. Robinson of Waterford, Maine, Student at Bridgton Academy in North Bridgton, Maine, to Cousin

1850 letter from M. M. Robinson of Waterford, Maine, a student at Bridgton Academy in North Bridgton, Maine, to cousin.  

A transcription appears farther below.

The letter writer was possibly Moses Mason Robinson (1835-1895) of Waterford, Maine, who would serve as a Captain in the 12th Maine Infantry in the Civil War and later as an attorney in New York State.

The Maine Historical Society in Portland, holds a collection of Moses Mason Robinson Civil War papers.

Moses Mason Robinson was born in Bethel, Maine, in 1835, the son of O'Neill Watson Robinson (1797-1867) and Betsey Hilton (Straw) Robinson (1797-1878). Moses married Susan Edwards Booth (1843-1916) in 1877 at Ballston Spa, New York.

If you feel that M. M. Robinson was a different person, or if you have information to share on Moses M. Robinson (1835-1895), please leave a comment for the benefit for other researchers.


Waterford, Dec 9th 1850
Dear Cousin
I have neglected to write before now for the reason that your letter had arrived at Waterford some two or three days before I did and besides I had griends from Bridgton who have been here almost all of the week and so I have delayed writing until now. As to my whereabouts for hte last nine months I have kept myself at "North Bridgton Academy" and I think I may safely say best school in the little State of Maine. Now I will tell you how I progress. I have read Cicero once and Salerst and also have been thiteen sections in Smyth's Algebra. At the close of the term we had a glorious exhibition "my honor" was called upon to speak the salutory address which was
delivered in Latin and the whole went off "Brown". We have a grand school and one of the best teachers in the United States. I should be very happy to see you at Bridgton next Spring as I probably shall attend school; there. Please give my love to the whole family and Elizabeth Ann knows I suppose if she ever pulled any candy. Pleaes write me in the course of the winter whether you think of attending school at North Bridgton in the Spring.
Your cousin M. M. Robinson

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