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Papers of Walter Lee Wilson (1874-1932) and Bertha May (Hawes) Wilson (1880-1959) of Castine, Maine

Large collection of bills, invoices, receipts, etc. pertaining to the business and family life of Walter Lee Wilson (1874-1932) and Bertha May (Hawes) Wilson (1880-1959)of Castine, Maine.

Walter had various occupations: farm hand; tailor; cook on a vessel; farmer.  The couple had at least four children, with the first dying in infancy. The others:
  1. Hazel May Wilson, born in 1905
  2. Mabel Francis Wilson, born in 1906
  3. Myrtle Margaret Wilson, born in 1908

The bill above was from Dr. H. B. Webster for Bertha's operation and hospital care.  Harrison Briggs Webster (1884-1918), who died in service in World War I.

Included in the papers, in roughly alphabetical order
  • One 1920 bill and one 1923 bill from Dr. H. S. Babcock - Harold Snow Babcock (1888-1973), M.D. at Castine, Maine
  • 1923 receipt from Bangor Daily News
  • 1912 receipt by Boyd Bartlett at Castine, Maine, of insurance payment on the buildings owned by Annie B. Snow in North Castine, Maine. Presumably Boyd Bartlett (1864-1931); presumably Anna Bethiah (Blodgett) Snow (1859-1939), wife of John S. Snow 
  • Not sure of year, letter from ? [perhaps ? Palmer] agent of S. P. Bradbury of Bangor, Maine; grave stones, monuments - Simon Pierce Bradbury (1816-1901)
  • 1917 receipt of payment to Dr. E. E. Brown, at Bangor, Maine, for services to Mabel F. Wilson - Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Brown (1861-1930)
  • Two 1922 receipts and one 1923 receipt from the Steamer Castine and or Steamer Golden Rod
  • Many receipts, from 1914 to the 1920s, from A. W. Clark; Hardware, Groceries, Grain, Flour and House Furnishings, Plumbing and Steam Fitting, Paints and Oils, Castine, Maine.  Alfred W. Clark (1857-1930)
  • One 1921 receipt and one 1922 receipt from George T. Coombs: hardware, Castine, Maine. The 1921 receipt has the business's former owner's name crossed out: R. B. Brown Co.  George T. Coombs (1893-1986) "Duddy".   Capt. Rowland Bridgham Brown (1840-1920)
  • undated handwritten tally of goods purchased from Fred Dunbar and receipt of payment, signed by what appears to be "F. E. Dunbar". Presumably Fred Dunbar (1862-1920)
  • 1922 bill, marked paid by R. B. Dunning & Co. of Bangor, Maine, Seedsmen, Agricultural Implements, etc. to Walter Wilson at North Castine, care of the Clergue Farm
  • 1917 bill from Eastern Maine General Hospital in Bangor, Maine, for services to Miss Mabel B. Wilson; receipt of the full payment on the account of Miss Mabel F. Wilson, signed by Ida Washburn.  Perhaps Ida Washburn (1865-1944), daughter of Stephen Decatur Washburn (1821-1866), a native of Piscataquis County, Maine.
  • 1920s receipt from Farm Journal, signed by L. R. Hawkes
  • Two 1909 and one 1910 bills from E. Allen Greene of Deer Isle, Maine; Coal Wood, Hay and Ice, with one receipt signed by W. H. Eaton and another by M. T. Thompson.  Perhaps Eugene Allen Green (1869-1933)
  • 1905 receipt of payment acknowledged by Henry H. Grindle. Perhaps Henry H. Grindell (1858-1948)
  • Several receipts pertaining to Hancock Lodge, No. 4, F &A.M., from 1904 to 1923.
  • 194? receipt from F. M. Haskell - not sure of date, not sure of initials or surname. Seems to be acknowledgement of payment by C. M. Wood, but not sure of name.  Could be 1914 or 1924
  • 192x bill from Warren P. Hooper of Castine, Maine with acknowledgement of payment, signed by Warren P. Hooper.  Perhaps Warren Perkins Hooper (1876-1964)
  • Two early 1900s receipts of payment acknowledged by A. H. Hutchins, Flour, Corn, Feed, Groceries and General Merchandise of Penobscot, Maine. Perhaps Albert H. Hutchins (1866-1933)
  • Two 1910 invoices, one 1911 invoice and a 1912 invoice from J. R. Johnson, General Merchandise, Animal and Poultry Regulators and Veterinary Remedies, at Sunset, Maine. Perhaps John Richard Johnson (1861-1914)
  • 192x receipt from Leach Brothers, Autombile Repairing and Supplies, of Castine, Maine; marked paid by A. M. Leach
  • Undated bill for pants and shirts, marked paid by Charles McCluskey, presumably clothier Charles E. McCluskey (1854-1925)
  • 1924 bill and receipt of payment acknowledged by Ethel S. Noyes. Presumably Ethel Seamans Noyes (1874-1951)
  • 1929 invoice and payment acknowledgement of Joel Perkins for stock and labor on the Clergue Farm.  Perhaps Joel D. Perkins (1877-1958)
  • One 1920 receipt and one 1923 receipt of payment acknowledged by W. A. Ricker, presumably Willis Arthur Ricker (1873-1957)
  • One 1908 receipt, one 1909 receipt and one 1910 receipt of payment acknowledged by John G. Sawyer, Jr. of Castine, Maine - presumably John Grindle Sawyer, Jr. (1865-1922)
  • One 1908 receipt and one 1912 receipt of payment signed by H. W. Small of Deer Isle, Maine - Dr. Herman Wesley Small (1865-1937)
  • 1904 bill from Smith Planing Mill Company in Brewer, Maine
  • Two postal registry receipts, one 1911, where Mrs. Wilson was residing at Morse Cove, Penobscot, Maine; and the other undated, Mrs. Walter Wilson at Sunset, Maine
  • 1923 handwritten bill from - possibly - J. W. Vogel.  Possibly hotelier John Marsh Vogell (1861-1940) - middle initial incorrect in FindaGrave memorial
  • Undated receipt of dues paid by Walter Wilson in I.O.F., on stationery of W. A. Walker, Druggist, Castine, Maine.  Presumably William A. Walker (1865-1927)Signed by J. H. Peterson
  • 1922 receipt of payment received by Percy Wardwell for cutting wood for the Majabagaduce Farm Company. Perhaps Percival Albert Wardwell (1879-1958).
  • Many receipts, from 1923 and 1924 and undated, from Wardwell's Sanitary Market, Groceries, Meats and Fish, Castine, Maine
  • 1923 letter from the Waterbury Tool Company in Waterbury, Connecticut, enclosing payment for a second hand hay tedder purchased from Walter Wilson's father
  • 1916 letter from C. H. S. Webb of Stonington, Maine, informing Walter Wilson that he was indebted to the estate of John R. Johnson in the amount of $30.17.  Charles Herrick Seavey Webb (1840-1920) of Stonington, Maine, presumably representing the estate of John Richard Johnson (1861-1914), late of Deer Isle, Maine.
  • 1915 bill of H. B. Webster, M.D., Castine, Maine, for the operation and hospital care of Mrs. Wilson.  Harrison Briggs Webster (1884-1918), M.D., who died in service in World War I.
  • Many invoices from D. W. Wescott, Boots, Shoes & Hosiery, Castine, MaineDavid W. Wescott (1853-1919). The store would continue after his death.
  • undated handwritten bill to Mrs. Wilson from unknown party

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, or alternate identities for any of them, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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