Thursday, July 28, 2022

Cabinet Photograph of Girl IDed as Bernice Day, daughter of Oscar; by a Skowhegan, Maine, studio

Cabinet photograph of a girl identified on the reverse as Bernice Day, daughter of Oscar. The photograph was taken at the Sturtevant studio in Skowhegan, Maine.
Hopefully a reader will be able to identify Bernice more clearly. Records for a Bernice Day, daughter of Oscar Day in the Skowhegan, Maine, area, are not forthcoming. 
  • It's possible Day was Bernice's married surname, and the person writing the identification, long after the photograph was taken, knew Oscar so well, no surname was necessary
  • It's possible that Oscar was a middle name or nickname. 
  • It's possible the photograph was taken while Bernice was visiting relatives in Skowhegan and was not actually residing there.

Thanks to the input of members of the Maine Genealogical Society, it can be posited that Bernice Day was Bernice E. Day (1884-1961), daughter of Stillman Oscar Day and Carrie E. (Rowe) Day of Eddington, Maine.  Stillman had a brother, Charles W. Day, living in Skowhegan, Maine, and it's likely that Bernice had her photograph taken during a family visit there.

By 1900, Bernice's family was living in Salt Lake City, Utah, where, in 1919, Bernice married Christopher Clark Williams.

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