Thursday, July 28, 2022

Cabinet Photograph of Hannah Lincoln Rhodes, "Mrs. Fletcher's mother"; by a Belfast, Maine studio

Cabinet photograph of a woman identified on the reverse as "Hannah Lincoln Rhodes, Mrs. Fletcher's mother".  The photograph was taken by the Hall studio of Belfast, Maine.
There was a Hannah (Lincoln Rhodes) (1777-1857), but the woman in the photograph appears to have been from a later generation. It's possible the identification is in error; perhaps the woman shown is a namesake or a woman from the family but with a different name. Hopefully a reader in the know will weigh in.

Even if the identification is in error, the names Hannah, Lincoln, Rhodes [or Rhoades] and Fletcher and the studio location of Belfast, Maine, are still clues.

If you recognize this woman from your family photographs and/or research,please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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