Saturday, July 30, 2022

Photograph of Duffy, Daddy & Uncle John in front of Delivery Van for ElmGrove Market, Location Unknown

Snapshot of Duffy, Daddy and Uncle John in front of the delivery van for Elmgrove Market, location unknown.

There's an Elmgrove in Ontario and several Elm Groves in the United States, including Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Oklahoma (2), West Virginia and Wisconsin.  Alternatively, the market may have been merely located near a place known for its elms.

There was an Elmgrove Market, owned by John C. Murphy (1881-1931), that operated in Providence, Rhode Island, until the Great Depression.
If you recognize the brothers, one of them John - possibly John Duffy or the John C. Murphy mentioned above - who owned Elmgrove Market, and a son, presumably, of one or the other, nicknamed Duffy, please share your information in a comment, for the benefit of others.

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