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Obituary of Sarah Frances (Coburn) Turner, "Frank" (1843-1931) of Skowhegan, Maine, and Los Angeles, California; Widow of John Flavel Turner (1837-1912)

1931 obituary of Sarah Frances (Coburn) Turner, "Frank" (1843-1931), a native of Skowhegan, Maine, who moved to Los Angeles, California.  She was the widow of John Flavel Turner (1837-1912).  They both died in Los Angeles, but are buried in the Southside Cemetery at Skowhegan, Maine.

The clipping is pasted in the scrapbook of items mostly from the area encompassing Skowhegan, Maine, and Dexter, Maine.


Sarah Frances Turner Dies in California [handwritten date of 1931]

Sarah Frances Turner died in Los Angeles, Calif., Monday, Sept. 14th. She was born in Skowhegan, Sept. 15th 1843 in the house now on Hathaway Street which was moved to its present site to make room for the house built by the late Manley T. Pooler and now owned by Clyde H. Smith.  She lacked one day of being 88 years old.  She was the eldest daughter of Samuel Weston Coburn and Sarah Bigelow Coburn.  Samuel W. Coburn was a brother of Governor Abner Coburn and of Stephen Coburn, member of Congress in 1860 and the father of Miss Louise H. Coburn of Skowhegan and Mrs. Charles Hovey Pepper of Concord, Mass.  Mrs. Turner was a sister of the late Miss Julia L. Coburn and of the late Mrs. Manley T. Pooler, mother of Fred C. Pooler, Miss Florence Pooler and Miss Mabel J. Pooler of Skowhegan.

She married John Flavel Turner of Skowhegan, April 5, 1866, who died in Los Angeles about 20 years ago. They were the parents of Capt. Harry C. Turner who died in the line of duty in France during the World War, and of Charles F. Turner, now a resident of Los Angeles, California. The former married Marie Burnett who with her three children, Burnett C. Turner, Lucia Frances Turner and John C. Turner live in New York. Charles F. Turner married Ethel Totman of Fairfield who have three children, Louise B. Carman, Barbara Turner, and Arthur Totman Turner.

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