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1930 Obituary of Mrs. Lota Alice (Foss) Presley (1880-1930) of Spokane, Washington; Daughter of George Foss, a Native of Dexter, Maine

1930 obituary of Mrs. Lota Alice (Foss) Presley (1879-1930), who died on July 3, 1930 at Spokane, Washington.  She was the wife of William Howard Presley (1877-1954), mentioned in the obituary as living in Bend, Oregon.

Some records show Lota's name order as Alice Lota.

Lota was born in Minnesota in 1879; married in British Columbia in 1906 and lived in Washington and Oregon. Her parents were George Obed Foss (1855-1913) and Josephine Arabella (Boulette) Foss (1861-1933).  George was a native of Dexter, Maine. of Dexter, Maine.

The clipping is pasted in a scrapbook of items mostly from the area encompassing Skowhegan, Maine, and Dexter, Maine.


Word has been received here of the death in Spokane, Wash., on July 3, of Mrs. Lota Foss Presley, elder daughter of the late George O. Foss of Spokane, formerly of Dexter, a graduate of the U. of M. in 1876, a civil engineer and railroad contractor in the west and Canada.  Mrs. Presley was 50 years old, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, the only girl to take civil engineering in a large class. She was affiliated with her father in business several years after graduating, under the firm name of Foss & McDonald, doing real field work in Canada.  She is survived by her husband, W. H. Presley, of Bend, Oregon; her mother, Mrs. Geo. O. Foss; a sister, Mrs. Marcia Foss Mitchell; two nephews, Foss and Geo. O. Mitchell, all of Spokane and all well known here; also an aunt, Mrs. Mary L. Parkhurst, of Dexter; a cousin, Mrs. Harry Speak of Fairfield.
[handwritten] 1930

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