Saturday, March 14, 2020

Late 19th, Early 20th Century Photograph Album of the Way and Grant Families of Canterbury, New Brunswick

Late 19th, early 20th century photograph album of photographs and CDVs  Several of those pictured were from the Way and Grant families of Canterbury, New Brunswick, which had several interconnections.

The album measures approximately 8-1/2" by 7" and contains 23 photographs, two memorial cards and the image of a painting of a sailing vessel.

Identified people:

Way Siblings and offspring:
  • Harry LeBaron Way (1883-1941), "Barry"who married Effie Rosella Harvey; they moved to Maine

Grant Siblings

Memorial Cards
  • Memorial Card for Emil White, born Oct. 29, 1893; died Feb. 17, 1913. Age 19 years, 3 mos. 19 days.  Emil White (1893-1913) (LeBlanc) was the son of Narcisse LeBlanc (Nelson White) and Helen Angeline (Chomereau dit St. Vincent) LeBlanc (White). Emil's sister Hermina (White-LeBlanc) Way (1886-1985) married Percy Leroy Way (1884-1953), a brother to the Way siblings mentioned above.  This connection might explain the Quebec studio imprint and the fact that the age of one unidentified 63 year old man was written in French.  Perhaps the two CDVs from Houtzdale, Pennsylvania, were Emil's parents or grandparents.

Studio imprints:
  • Woodstock, New Brunswick
  • Weston, Bangor, Maine
  • Edwards studio
  • Chase, Foxcroft, Maine
  • Call studio
  • A. B. Carr studio, Old Town, Maine
  • William M. Evans, Houtzdale, Pennsylvania - 2 CDVs which appear to be husband and wife, with the husband's age and birthdate written in French
  • L. P. Vallee studio, No. 10, Rue St. Jean, Quebec
  • Clement studio of Milo, Maine

Harry LeBaron Way (1883-1941), "Barry" 

Barry appears to be the young man at right
Harry LeBaron Way (1883-1941)"Barry"
Sarah Adelaid Way, or Adelaid Sarah Way (1886-1950), "Addie"
Emma Jane Grant (1886-1925)
Edward Harris Grant (1876-1957) - or possibly Emma's husband Edmund Angus Grant (1880-1952), if the identification is off

Melbourne Plummer Way (1918-1958), son of Eldon Abel Way (1888-1958) and Eva Sophia (Caswell) Way (1895-)

Emil White (1893-1913)

David Peavey, died 1894 at age 69

Possibly the David Peavey (1825-1894) buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Garland, Maine, husband of Betsey (Wentworth) Peavey (1833-1920).  I'm not sure how or if he ties into the Way and Grant families; hopefully a reader will weigh in.

If you have information on the Way and Grant families of Canterbury, New Brunswick, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. Awesome Pam! I have Grant connections from St Mary's Parish, NB but these names aren't on my radar. There are several Grant families from First Families of NB, someone will be excited to have these in their collection!