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1929 Obituary of Theodore Bush Weston (1846-1929) of Madison, Maine

1929 obituary of Theodore Bush Weston (1846-1929) of Madison, Maine.  In handwriting: Oct 19 1929, which was his date of death, not the date the obituary appeared in the newspaper.

The obituary is pasted in a scrapbook of items most from the area encompassing Skowhegan, Maine, and Dexter, Maine.

An extensive collection of the Weston papers is described online by the Maine Historical Society. The collection is mostly centered around the correspondence and writings of Theodore's wife Addie Sarah (Bixby) Weston (1850-1919).  

The Finding Aid includes a history of the Weston farm, at one time of about 600 acres, started in 1786 by Theodore's grandfather Deacon Benjamin Weston (1765-1851) and mentions centennial and bicentennial commemorations of the farm by descendants, as well as annual reunions.  The Weston Homestead, built in 1817 on the farm, is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Theodore B. Weston
[handwriting: Oct 19 1929]

Theodore B. Weston, a well known resident of Madison, died at his home on Weston avenue, Saturday forenoon, after a critical illness of about two weeks.  Mr. Weston, who had been in poor health for several years as the result of a slight paralytic shock, sustained another shock two weeks ago, which was the immediate cause of his death. 

Mr. Weston was a native of the town of Madison and has always lived on the farm where he was born.  He was a descendant of the early settlers of Madison and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Weston.  He was 83 years and six months old. 

Mr. Weston is survived by one son, Wallace A. Weston of Madison; three daughters, Mrs. Evie Weston of Madison, Mrs. Alice Todd of Washington, D.C. and Mrs. Mary Crowell of Ludlow, Mass.; two brothers, George Weston of Houlton; one sister Mrs. Annie Weston.

For many years Mr. Weston was an active farmer in this section. He was a member of the Madison Congregation church and a charter member of Kennebec Valley Grange, when it was formed 50 years ago. Mr. Weston was a gentleman of sterling character and was much respected among the residents of Madison.

Mentioned above, in addition to Theodore Bush Weston:

Omitted from the obituary:
  • Theodore's wife - Addie Sarah (Bixby) Weston (1850-1919)
  • The name of Theodore's other brother - Readers, please supply his name if you know it - or perhaps the article erred, and Theodore was survived by one brother, not two.

The omission of Addie Sarah (Bixby) Weston from the obituary is surprising, considering what an influence she was, on the farm, in her community and in the wider area, particularly as a published writer. Perhaps the author of the obituary was pressed for space or was a newcomer to town, as Addie Sarah had died 10 years earlier, in 1919.

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