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c 1861 Ad Sheet for George S. Winslow Co of Boston, Massachusetts; note of E. P. Merrill on reverse

Circa 1861 ad sheet for George S. Winslow & Company, Jobbers of Dry Goods, at 31 and 33 Water and 53 and 57 Congress Streets, Boston, Massachusetts.

The sheet is approximately 9-3/4" x 7-3/4".  There's a note on the reverse by salesman E. P. Merrill, addressed to Friend Sawyer, that Merrill is now working for this firm and is able to offer lower prices than previously.

George Scott Winslow, Sr., was born about 1819 in Massachusetts, the son of Charles and Maria Miller (Wallis) Winslow.  On 10 April 1860 at Boston, Massachusetts, George married Sarah Andrews Train, daughter of Samuel H. and Eliza (Rice) Train.  Sarah was born 23 September 1838 at Hopkinton, New Hampshire.  They had four children:
  1. George Scott Winslow, Jr., born 8 March 1862; married Mary Warren Glidden
  2. Eleanor Winslow, born about 1864
  3. Annabel Winslow, born about 1870; read about her 1895 wedding to J. J. Cairns of Stanneer, Drogheda, Ireland
  4. Charles Gibson Winslow, born 4 February 1871
George Scott Winslow, Sr., died on 9 October 1880 at Somerville, Massachusetts.  His estate wasn't finally settled until 1953.

If you have a theory as to the identity of E. P. Merrill, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The area where George S. Winslow & Company was located:

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