Thursday, April 24, 2014

1805 I.O.U. from John Deering to W. Zenas Pratt; Portland, Maine

December 31, 1805 Portland, Maine, document where John  Deering promised to pay W. Zenas Pratt $450.00 on the first day of July, 1806.

The reverse of the document shows an 1809 receipt for $125.00.  Whether this is part of the earlier transaction, or a convenient reuse of paper, I don't know.

The Deering family in Maine was a prominent one.  I'm not sure which John this was.

Zenas Pratt may have been the Zenas Pratt who was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, son of Samuel and Alithea (Cushing) Pratt, and later moved to the Portland, Maine, area, perhaps at Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

If you have information on John Deering or W. Zenas Pratt, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

Portland, Maine

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