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1878-1880s Autograph Album of Hattie E. Fryman of Greenport and Claverack, New York

1880s autograph album of Hattie E. Fryman of Greenport and Claverack, New York.  Hattie wrote that she received the album at Christmas in 1879, but I believe she meant Christmas 1878, as many people wrote messages earlier in 1879.

The album is approximately 6-1/4" x 4" and is virtually filled with pages of sentiments but many of them are not signed at all or are signed with first names or just as "A Friend".   Over 50 of Hattie's relatives and friends, however, signed with their full names or an initial and a surname.  An alphabetical list of the signers appears at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Hattie E. Fryman was born about May 1863 in New York, the daughter of New York natives Robert and Hannah Fryman.  All I know of Hannah is that on a Census she indicated that her father was born in the West Indies and her mother in Florida.

She signed the first page in Hattie's album, after the title page.

Hattie's brother, Allen D. Fryman, signed two pages in her album, one on February 12, 1879 and the other on January 28, 1882 at Hudson, New York.

About 1888, Hattie E. Fryman married John A. Jackson, who was born about January 1850 at New York.  They had two daughters, Pauline and Blanche.  Blanche married Andrew Wimbish and had a daughter Athalie Elizabeth Wimbish, "Betty", who signed a page in her grandmother Hattie's album, on January 31, 1926, the only page signed beyond the era of the 1880s.  Athalie's obituary reveals her interest in her rich family history.

It's wonderful to think of Hattie bringing out her treasured album and seeing her granddaughter sign a page in it.

As shown in the 1940 Census of Kingston, New York, widowed Hattie was living with her daughter Blanche and granddaughter Athalie.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

One interesting page was signed by Frank Pulver at Hudson River Institute at Claverack, New York, on February 29, 1879.  Hudson River Institute was variously known as Washington Seminary and Claverack College.

Surnames in the album

No surname; unsigned or unreadable  [Some of the unsigned pages might have been written by Hattie E. Fryman herself.]

?    [36]
Boucher    [2]
Cartar    [2]
Fryman    [3]
Green    [2]
James    [2]
Johnson    [3]
Smith    [4]
van Arsdel
Whitbeck    [2]

Signers in the album    [Note: Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]
Pages signed "A Friend" or unsigned are not shown below.

  • J. E. B.
  • Lyda, signed on September 1, 1880, at Woodburn, New York, in Columbia County
  • C. S. or E. S.
  • G. E. P., Athens, New York
  • Jennie E. B.
  • M. M.
  • Carrie
  • A. H.
  • Littie
  • Mollie
  • William A. V. D., signed at Claverack, New York, on November 19, 1882
  • N.C. or V.C. or ?
  • Clarence, signed on January 9, 1882
  • Eddie
  • C. D., signed on January 5, 1879
  • Maggie, signed on March 10 [no year written]
  • Florence
  • George
  • C. V., signed on March 20, 1879
  • Charlie
  • Eva Ashmore
  • Susie Bartlett of Claverack, New York
  • Harry Birch
  • G. Boucher, signed at Hudson, New York
  • Stanley E. Boucher, signed on March 11 [no year written]
  • K. Brown or H. Brown
  • J. Ada Carl, signed on December 19, 1879
  • C. L. Cartar, signed on July 20, 1880
  • L. D. Cartar, signed on July 20, 1880
  • ? Cogan, signed at Hudson, New York
  • Clarissa Collox [not sure of surname]
  • ? Creveir, signed at Hudson, New York, in March 1881
  • W. Croll
  • Rufus Cutts
  • Ella Dolan of Claverack, New York, signed on March 9 [no year written]
  • The Flakes
  • Hattie E. Fryman, album owner. Christmas 1879; presumably a gift. Some entries are written earlier in 1879, so perhaps she was looking forward to 1879, and it was really Christmas 1878?  Hattie wrote on another page toward the middle of the album.
  • Hannah Fryman, signed on February 12, 1879; Hattie's mother, Hannah Fryman
  • A. D. Fryman, signed on February 12, 1879; Hattie's brother Allen D. Fryman, born about November 1853; he signed another page on January 28, 1882 at Hudson, New York.
  • C. Funda
  • C. C. Gebhard, signed on May 3, 1881
  • Anna Gilbert
  • C. Gorton or Garton
  • George Gramby, signed at Woodburn, New York, or Wookburn, on February 20, 1882, Monday evening
  • Fany Green of New York City, signed August 8, 1880 "in the afternoon By the creek" "Don't forget the old willow tree."
  • Miss Green
  • A. Hamans [not sure of surname]
  • William Hamilton
  • D. Harden
  • E. Hobson
  • William James
  • Emma James
  • A. Jenkins
  • George Johnson, signed on August 23, 1880
  • F. Johnson, signed on August 2, 1880
  • A. Johnson
  • Mary E. Kelts of Hudson, New York, signed on May 6, 1882
  • Anna T. Lery [not sure of middle initial or surname]
  • M. N. Lonex or Lorrex or ?
  • Mary Moore of Mellenville, New York
  • Emma Morton, signed on March 5, 1880
  • Carrie Parsons of Claverack, New York, signed on Febuary 20, 1879
  • Miss Jennie B. Potts, signed on February 20, 1879
  • Frank Pulver, signed on February 29, 1879 at H.R.I., presumably the Hudson River Institute, also known as Washington Seminary and Claverack College.
  • L. Richerson
  • Thomas Smith of Claverack, New York, signed on March 2, 1879
  • Charles Smith, signed on March 4, 1879
  • Mary B. Smith, signed on February 20 [no year written]
  • Lottie Smith of Claverack, New York, signed on February 20 [no year written]
  • I. V. Studley, signed at Claverack, New York
  • Etta Van Arsdel, signed at New York
  • Hattie Warland
  • Mrs. Wilbeck or Whitbeck [not sure of surname]
  • Mrs. Whitbeck
  • C. Whiteing, signed on February 12 [no year written]
  • W. W. Wilder, signed at Hudson, New York, on January 27, 1882
  • "Your granddaughter Athalie Wimbish", signed on January 31, 1926. She was the daughter of Hattie's daughter Blanche (Jackson) Wimbish and husband Andrew Wimbush.
Columbia County, New York [contains the towns of Greenport and Claverack and the city of Hudson]

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