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1849 handwritten document, Sanford, Maine: Dr. George Weld; Stephen Wilkinson; James Hubbard; J. H. Kimball

November 15, 1849 handwritten document written at Sanford, Maine, and bearing the names of Dr. George Weld, James Hubbard, Stephen Wilkinson and J. H. Kimball.

Another post features five documents/letters from Saco, Maine, Sanford, Maine, and Portland, Maine, that are all addressed to a Mr. Hubbard, presumably the same Mr. Hubbard as above.


Sanford, Maine Nov 15, 1849
Doct George Weld
Please pay to James Hubbard or his order Eleven Dollars & forty nine cents and charge the same amount to me.  I will account to you for the same amount and ?
Witness, J. H. Kimball                                                 Stephen Wilkinson

From online research, hopefully correct:   [corrections and additions welcome!]

Dr. George Weld was born 8 September 1796 in Vermont, the son of Samuel and Sally (Hayden) Weld. On 15 June 1828 at Lebanon, Maine, he married Theodosia Wentworth.  They had at least two children, at least one of whom, Sally W. Weld, died young at Lebanon, Maine, on 8 November 1834.  Dr. Weld died at Sanford, Maine, on 17 July 1854.

There were a father and son named Stephen Wilkinson in the Sanford, Maine, area, during the relevant time frame.  The father was born about 1808, the son of James and Sally (Thompson) Wilkinson.  His son Stephen was the firstborn of, perhaps, eight children with wife Susan (Lord) Wilkinson.

Though there were several James Hubbards in the area, a James Hubbard, born about 1812, son of William Hubbard, was living in Sanford, Maine, at the time of the 1850 Census.  That James Hubbard married Hannah Adams of Gilmanton, New Hampshire, on 16 May 1834.  About 1854, they joined a colony of settlers who went to Grinnell, Iowa.  Read more about them here.

J. H. Kimball may have been John Horne Kimball, born 20 May 1811 at Shapleigh, Maine, son of Nathaniel and Mary (Horne) Kimball.  He married Sarah Rollins Philpot in April 1842.  J. H. Kimball was a postmaster and eventually went to work for the Post Office Department at Washington, D.C.  He was living with his son Edward and family at Washington, D.C., at the time of the 1900 Census; his wife Sarah had died by then.

If you have corrections to the information above or feel that one or more of the people described is not the person mentioned in the document, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Sanford, Maine

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  1. I just saw this post. We moved in April, and I missed a lot of my favorite bloggers and their posts that month. Stephen Wilkinson (b. 1808) is my 2nd cousin 4 generations removed. I checked through the family tree for Hubbards, Welds, and Kimballs to see if there were a kinship between these men, but I didn't find anything.