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1870 Highway Surveyor's Book of Gilman Raitt of Eliot, Maine

1870 Highway Surveyor's Book for District #5 at Eliot, Maine, that belonged to Gilman Raitt, who spelled Eliot as Elliot.

The booklet measures approximately 6" x 3-3/4" and contains 14 interior sheets, with a few pages of printed text, a few pages of handwriting and a larger number of blank lined pages.  It names various landowners in Eliot and their assessments.

Gilman Raitt was born 28 July 1818, the son of John B. Raitt and Anna (Marsh) Raitt.  On 2 November 1843, Gilman married Mary Nason, daughter of William Nason and Sarah Whitehouse (Wilkinson) Nason.  The couple had, I believe, three children.  Gilman died in 1882.  He and Mary are both buried at Eliot, Maine.

The page at left, above, is signed by Assessors Andrew P. Fernald and Moses Goodwin.  The portion of roadway under Gilman Raitt's supervision is shown as from the center of Sturgeon Creek Bridge to his own property.

Names listed on the page above:
William H. Tucker
Edward Boyce
Thomas W. Noyes
Gilman Raitt
Henry M. Raitt
Robert Nason
William Nason
Widow Sarah Nason [presumably Gilman's mother-in-law]
Eliot Brick Yard Company
Heirs of George Stacy and son Daniel
William Tucker
Olive Stacy
Heirs of Jonathan Stacy
Augustus Stacy
Samuel Treadwell
Albert Ham
E. W. Rowe
Samuel Nason
John W. Raitt [Gilman's son]
James Kimball
Oliver Stacy

The names on the page above - "Persons who have not worked out their tax"
William H. Tucker
Daniel Stacy
William Tucker

Names on the page above
John L. Jenks
Rufus Emery
Sam ?
Moses Goodwin

If you have information on the family of Gilman Raitt or any of the other people mentioned in this booklet, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

Eliot, Maine

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  1. There was a Rufus Emery from South Berwick at the same time frame.