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10 1808-1820 Massachusetts Militia Documents Summoning Ephraim Whitcomb of Randolph, Massachusetts, to Training

Ten 1808-1820 Massachusetts Militia documents advising Ephraim Whitcomb of Randolph, Massachusetts, to report to training at either Randolph, Massachusetts, or Quincy, Massachusetts.  On one document, his name was spelled Ephram Whickcomb.

Pictured above is the oldest document, dated either 26 April 1800 or 26 April 1808.

Ephraim may have been the Ephraim Whitcomb who was born at Randolph, Massachusetts, on 12 March 1789, the son of David and Phoebe (Belcher) Whitcomb, and who married, first, Polly Faxon, and second, Esther Thayer.

Other names on the documents include: [Some appear on multiple documents].

Thayer, possibly Jumry or Jeremy Thayer
Samuel Linfield
Capt. James Brackett
Simeon White
Capt. H. Newcomb
Samuel Belcher
Thomas Hollis
Joseph W. French
Daniel Faxon [possibly Jr.]

 The newest document, below, is dated 7 September 1820.

If you feel that these documents pertain to another Ephraim Whitcomb, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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