Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vintage Brochure of Camp Massapoag at East Groton, Massachusetts

Vintage brochure of Camp Massapoag at East Groton, Massachusetts, a camp for boys from twelve to eighteen.  It was conducted by the Cambridge, Massachusetts Young Men's Christian Association.

The brochure is comprised of one sheet, approximately 11' by  8-3/4", folded once to a final dimension of 8-3/4" by 5-1/2.

Named on the front pane are:

Thomas Hadley, President
Carroll L. Chase, General Secretary

Boys' Work Committee
Prof. T. N. Carver, Chairman
Albert M. Chandler
Jesse W. Greer
Dr. John H. Taylor
Elliot S. Emerson
Rev. Kenneth MacArthur
John W. Wood
Arthur T. Browne

H. P. Harding, City Boys' Secretary
Lewis P. Lindsay, Camp Director

If you have stories to share of experiences at this camp, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. My dad was the Camp Director in the 70's. I lived there every summer.

    1. Elton Erickson? yeah he was cool. I wonder hat ever happen to him..

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  3. I was told by my great aunt that her parents met here. He was a camp counselor and she was in charge of the mess hall. They were married in 1904. Apparently, at the time they met, the camp was owned by Rev. Myron R Demming, a pastor of Tremont Temple. How long has this camp been in existence?:-)

    1. What a great story! I don't know when it started but maybe the YMCA in Cambridge, Massachusetts, could tell you.

  4. I worked there in 1969, 70 and 71.

  5. I have pictures of my father when he was there in 1922..show mess hall etc. Marilyn Hunt Bobba