Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vintage Brochure for Hotel Northampton at Northampton, Massachusetts

Vintage brochure advertising the Hotel Northampton at Northampton, Massachusetts.  The proprietor at the time the brochure was produced was Lewis N. Wiggins.

The hotel was constructed in 1927 and is still operating today.  The brochure dates from an era when the room rates were $2 and up, perhaps not long after 1927.

The brochure consists of one large sheet, approximately 16" by 14-1/2", folded several times to a final dimension of 9" by 3-3/4".   One of the folds is folded short, which accounts for the difference in the dimensions of the final fold.

Unfolded, the reverse is a map of portions of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

Panes of the brochure:  [click on an image to enlarge it]

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