Thursday, February 25, 2016

c1907 Souvenir of Chepachet, Rhode Island; Scenes of Buildings, Residences and Class of 1907

Souvenir of Chepachet, Rhode Island.

The booklet measures approximately 6-1/4" by 4-1/4" and contains photographs of different scenes of Main Street; Ye Chepachet Inn; schoolhouse; churches, residences; and the Class of 1907.

Measures 6-1/4" by 4-1/4".  See all of the images, in order, at the end of this post.

The Class of 1907:

Hopefully a reader has a copy of this photograph and will provide a complete or partial identification.

Residences shown include those of:

  • W. O. Arnold
  • Dr. G. A. Harris, with several people and a horse and buggy
  • A farm with the residences of S. B. Steere and E. M. Steere
  • S. Sweet
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