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1912-1913 Season Program of Glee and Mandolin Clubs of Tufts College at Medford, Massachusetts

1912-1913 program of the 27th season of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs of Tufts College at Medford, Massachusetts.  The manager was Leon J. Sturtevant.

Comprised of one sheet of paper, approximately 13" by 8-1/4", and folded once, although it was probably designed to be folded more than once.

The interior panes:


Glee Club
H. B. Stryker, Leader
P. S. AbbottJ. W. Harrison
P. F. AyerC. L. Hawthorne
W. G. BrooksE. L. Marshall
D. K. CampbellH. B. Priest
C. H. ChandlerJ. V. Poor
R. L. DavisonL. J. Sturtevant
G. F. DennettR. Swan
C. EmersonR. C. Taylor
F. J. FosterG. W. Thomson
J. W. DoleF. W. Porter
R. D. HarringtonL. E. Proctor
A. L. LamontA. B. Reed
P. S. MorisonF. L. Ryan
A. C. NixonH. B. Stryker
F. W. O'BrienD. H. Whitney
C. C. O'NeillR. E. Wood
W. T. Peabody
The Mandolin Club
J. W. AchornA. Billingham
P. F. AyerP. R. De Freitas
E. F. HallI. A. Jeffress
A. W. Hayward
E. L. MarshallGuitars
E. B. MillerJ. S. Albergaria
A. C. NixonC. L. Hawthorne
J. E. PooleH. B. Stryker
N. W. MorisonW. G. Brooks
D. H. Whitney
FluteC. L. Delano
W. T. PeabodyP. A. Rice
C. L. Scott

The historical information shown above notes that the first Tufts musical organization was formed in 1859.

If you have stories to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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