Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cabinet Photograph from Springvale, Maine area; Possibly Etta Lucy Gile

Cabinet photograph taken by the Philpot studio of Springvale, Maine, with two names, or possibly one, on the reverse: "Lizzie" and "Etta Gile".  Springvale is a village in the City of Sanford, Maine.

At first I had read the surname as Gill but was fortunately advised that it could also be Gile, and there just happened to be an Etta Gile in the area.
  • Was the sitter Etta Gile, with the photograph intended to be given to Lizzie?
  • Was the sitter Lizzie, with the photograph intended to be given to Etta?
Hopefully a reader will recognize this young woman from family photos and research and comment with her correct identity.

From brief online research, hopefully correct, and hopefully with the correct Etta [corrections and/or additions requested]

Etta Lucy Gile was born September 25, 1866 at Waterboro, Maine, the daughter of Nathaniel Gile and Olive (Johnson) Gile.  On October 26, 1893 at Waterboro, Maine, Etta married George A. Goodwin, son of Samuel and Sarah Ann (Johnson) Goodwin.

Etta and George lived at Springvale, Maine, where George practiced law and served for a time in the state legislature.  He ended his career as a municipal judge.  See a short biography of George A. Goodwin in Maine Biographies, published in 1928 by Harrie Badger Coe.

Etta and George had two sons.  George died in 1940, and Etta in 1956.  They're buried in the Riverside Cemetery at Springvale, Maine.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information about the identity of the young woman in the photograph, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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