Monday, February 22, 2016

Update of Careers of 22 Graduates of the Class of 1888 of Maine State College at Orono, Maine

Two copies of handwritten pages that note the career updates of 22 graduates of the Class of 1888 at Maine State College at Orono, Maine, now the University of Maine.  The pages are undated, but I believe the updates were acquired in the 1890s.

The students listed were among the most active in the officer doings of the Class, as noted in another post that features the minutes of the secretaries of the Class of 1888, from 1884 to 1888.

In alphabetical order, the students mentioned, the update and, in some cases, a further update:
  • Hiram Bertrand Andrews of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Update:  Draughtsman, Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • George Stetson Bachelder of Exeter Mills, Maine.  Update:  Draughtsman with Bangor Machine Shop & Foundry Company, 13 Central Street, Bangor, Maine
  • Charles DeWitt Blanchard of Old Town, Maine.  Update:  Civil Engineer, Old Town, Maine
  • John Russell Boardman of Augusta, Maine.  Update:  In compositors room of the Kennebec Journal, August, Maine.  
  • Francis Stephen Brick of Biddeford, Maine.  Update:  Principal, North New Portland, High School, North New Portland, Maine.  Further update:  "Berlin Falls, N.H."
  • Harry Butler of Hampden, Maine.  Update:  Instructor in Mathematics at Hampden Academy, Hampden, Maine
  • Dudley Elmer Campbell of North Harpswell, Maine.  Update:  Civil Engineer at Skowhegan, Maine.  Further update:  Brunswick, Maine ["Skowhegan" is crossed out]
  • Fred Langdon Eastman of Fort Fairfield, Maine.  Update:  In the Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad shops at 620 Adams Street, Topeka, Kansas
  • Edward Henry Elwell, Jr., of Portland,  Maine.  Update:  on editorial staff of the "Portland Transcript"; Deering, Maine
  • William Jerome Hancock of Saco, Maine.  Update:  Reeds Ferry, New Hampshire.  Further update:  Cornell University ["Reed's Ferry, N.H." is crossed out]
  • John Wood Hatch of Presque Isle, Maine.  Update:  Student in Harvard University; Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
  • Claude Lorraine Howes of Boston, Massachusetts.  Update:  519 Columbus Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Harry Foster Lincoln of Dennysville,  Maine.  Update:  Dennysville, Maine.  Further update: Dennysville is crossed out, and possibly Me., too
  • Thomas George Lord of Skowhegan,  Maine.  Update:  Farmer at Skowhegan, Maine
  • Ralph Hemenway Marsh of Bradley, Maine.  Update:  Principal Tremont High School, Tremont, Maine.  Further update:  Searsport, Maine [Tremont is crossed out]
  • Seymour Farrington Miller of Burlington, Maine.  Update:  Draughtsman, Chelsea, Massachusetts  Further update: "Chelsea", but not "Massachusetts", is crossed out
  • William Philbrook of Shelburne, New Hampshire.  Update:  of the firm W. F. Burgess
  • Seymour Everett Rogers of Stetson, Maine.  Update:  Mechanical Engineer; Stetson, Maine.  Further update: "Mechanical Engineer" is crossed out
  • George Edwin Seabury of Fort Fairfield, Maine.  Update:  Pattern maker with Waterville Iron Co., firm of Webber & Philbrick, Waterville, Maine.  Further update:  there's a line through part of the word "patternmaker", whether intentional or not
  • Frank Llewellyn Small of Freeport, Maine.  Update:  Freeport, Maine.  Further update:  with City Engineer at St. Cloud, Minnesota ["Freeport, Me." is crossed out]
  • Frank Adelbert Smith of East Corinth, Maine.  Update:  Civil Engineer; East Corinth, Maine.  Further update:  entire entry crossed out.
  • Nathaniel Estes Wilson of Orono, Maine.  Update:  Assistant Chemist and Dairy Supt. with Vermont Agricultural Experimental Station, Burlington, Vermont.  Further update: entry entry is crossed out.

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