Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1922 Program for a Concert by the Massachusetts State Prison Orchestra

Program for a concert by the Massachusetts State Prison Orchestra on Sunday, May 21, 1922.  Philip W. Thorpe was the Orchestra Leader.

Read about the Orchestra in a 1905 article here.

The prison was located at Charlestown, Massachusetts until 1955.  The space is now occupied by Bunker Hill Community College.

The program is comprised of one sheet measuring approximately 9-1/2" by 7", folded once to a final dimension of 4-3/4" by 7".

ViolinsWood Winds
Orchestra Leader Philip W. ThorpeJohn Whitefield
George SullivanSabatino Fantasia
Herman C. WilesDomenick Squazzo
John L. Collins
Joseph C. BedellCornets
Robert B. Taylor
CelloGeorge E. Kessler
William Epps
BassCharles Sherman
Joseph SeatonWilliam Reid
Herbert WrightHarry Kimball


  1. DO you have any more records of the concert reviews in the prison newspaper. I found it butforgot where I saw it. Thanks

  2. Sorry, no. Hope you can find what you found before!