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Two 1915 Sunday School Attendance Awards presented to Ethel M. Peters by teacher Lucy M. Closson, Sedgwick, Maine

Two Sunday School attendance awards presented to Ethel M. Peters by her teacher Lucy M. Closson in 1915, at Sedgwick, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome!]

Ethel M. Peters was born 29 April 1907 at Sedgwick, Maine, the daughter of Sewall Everett Peters and Lucy Jane (Gray) Peters, born at Sedgwick, Maine, and Brooksville, Maine, respectively.

In 1926 Ethel married Robert M. Ladd, son of Charles A. and Laura Blanche (Callahan) Ladd.  He was born 12 February 1901 at Sedgwick, Maine.

Ethel's teacher, Lucy M. Closson, was born about September 1887 (the year may be off), at Sedgwick, Maine, daughter of William and  Nellie R. (Thompson) Closson, born at Sedgwick, Maine, and Clark's Island, St. George, Maine, respectively.

On 1 June 1904 at Sedgwick, Maine, Lucy M. Closson married Linwood L. Closson, son of Burley and Aphia Isabel (Page) Closson, both born at Sedgwick, Maine.

Lucy and Linwood were living at Sedgwick, Maine, as late as the 1940 Census.  They had at least one child, son Harvey Closson.

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