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1866/67 Annual Report of Glenburn, Maine

Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Glenburn, for the Year 1866-67.

To the Voters of the Town of Glenburn:


The Selectmen for the year last past, respectfully submit the following Report.

The report consists of one sheet of paper, about 11-3/4" x 9", folded once, to create four panes.  

There's the handwritten surname of Perkins on the cover.  The 1860 and 1870 Censuses of Glenburn show a Samuel Perkins, born about 1830; perhaps this was his copy.

Glenburn, Maine was incorporated in 1837.  It's located in Penobscot County and is bounded by the cities/towns of Bangor, Orono, Hermon, Levant, Kenduskeag, Corinth, Hudson and Old Town.    

Names on the page above:

Horace Pendexter, first Selectman
Alfred Smith, 2nd Selectman
Solomon Worster, 3rd Selectman
Noah Johnson, Treasurer
John M. Cort, Town Clerk
W. E. Gibbs, Supt. S. Com.
L. Marston, Supt. S. Com.
W. J. Thomas, Constable
T. M. Gibbs, Constable
H. J. Thomas, Collector
W. E. Gibbs, Auditor
J. Berry
Solomon Worster
Dan. Worster
A. Smith
O. Pendexter
Jonathan Card
William Glidden
John Hubbard
Solomon Worster
Lore Alford
J. W. Richardson
W. E. Gibbs
J. M. Cort
Joel Vickery
A. W. Paine
H. Pendexter
J. W. Smith
S. J. Emery
J. W. Richardson
Lowell Marston
H. Pendexter

Names on the page above:

Louise Remick
George Davis
Mary E. Ricker
Thomas F. Gould
John Emerson
Alexander Murray
L. D. Emery
Kimball Emerson
Hannah Allen
Augustine Parker
Cynthia Dudley
G. W. Worster & Int
Enos Dunham
C. P. Brown & Int

Names on the page above:

D. and A. Emerson
Joseph Ridley
G. G. Cushman
Catharine McNaughton

Horace Pendexter; Alfred Smith; Solomon Worster - Selectmen of Glenburn

Map of Glenburn, Maine

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